7 Best Travel Gifts for Young Kids

I love buying my kids gifts that they will love but that they can also use when they travel.  These are some of my favorite family travel essentials that make great gifts for toddlers and younger kids.

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1. Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

An Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet keeps my kids entertained on long flights and road trips. There are age filters so that kiddos will only see age appropriate content and also comes in a kid-proof case so you don’t have to worry about it being dropped or damaged.

2. Headphones

Headphones are a must when traveling with kids so that they can watch their shows and play games on their tablet without bothering anyone else. These headphones limit the volume to protect your child’s hearing.

3. Backpack

My son loves carrying his backpack around. Not only is this backpack cute but your kids can carry their carry on essentials themselves.

4. Kids Travel Journal

This is a great way for kids to create memories of their trip. There are journals for different ages, this travel journal is great for younger kids (ages 3-6).

5. Waterproof Camera for Kids

My son loves using my phone, camera or any tech gadget really. This waterproof camera will keep your kid occupied during your trips and keep him from using (and breaking) your expensive camera. Another good option is this camera with video recorder.

6. Little Passports Monthly Subscription

This is a great gift for kids of different ages. Each month, you’ll receive a package filled with fun and educational toys, activities and souvenirs designed to spark your child’s curiosity and inspire them to learn about the world.  There are different subscriptions available depending on your kids age: Early Explorers (Ages 3-5), World Edition (Ages 6-10), USA Edition (Ages 7-12), Science Expeditions (Age 9+).

7. Magazine Subscription

National Geographic Little Kids magazine is perfect for young kids from age 3 to 6.

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What are your favorite gifts for kids who travel?


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