Still not finished with your holiday gift shopping? We have put together a list of great stocking stuffers for travelers this year. From fun to practical, these travel stocking stuffers are gifts any traveler will love.

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Travel Stocking Stuffers

1.  Luggage Tags

Fun luggage tags are an affordable and welcome gift for any traveler.

2. TSA Approved Locks

Every traveler can use one or more TSA approved locks. In addition to locking up checked luggage, they are useful for locking up bags while out of your hotel room but also if forced to gate check a bag.

3. Smartphone Waterproof Case

Travelers can keep smartphones safe with this waterproof case dry whether boating, fishing or just caught in the rain.

4. Eye Mask

This classic eye mask is very popular with travelers. Female travelers might also like this cute eye mask

5. Digital Luggage Scale

Avoid overweight bag fee surprises with a digital luggage scale.

6. Headphone Splitter

headphone splitter is perfect for couples or families who want to listen to music or watch movies together.

7. Passport Cover

Jet-setters will appreciate finding this cute airport stamp passport cover in their stockings.

8. Reusable Shopping Bag

This reusable shopping bag folds down to practically nothing. The bag comes in basic black as well as a variety of fun colors and prints.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Everyone knows how dirty airplanes are so tossing some travel size hand sanitizer in their stocking will help keep the traveler in your life from getting sick.

10. Travel Size Containers

Every traveler could use a travel bottles set for carrying their liquids.

11. Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

bamboo travel cutlery set is a great gift for the travelers who try to live a zero waste lifestyle or trying to be more eco-friendly. This travel pouch contains a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and a straw so they don’t have to use plastic utensils or straws while traveling.

12. Shampoo Bar

This all in one eco friendly shampoo bar for men and women can be used as a shampoo, body soap, face soap, or shave soap. It comes with a recyclable box for storage and is also cruelty-free and vegan.

13. Beauty Gift Set

Everyone knows how dry the air is on airplanes.  Frequent flyers will love this gift set which comes with travel sized lip balm and other lotions to moisturize in flight.

14. External Battery

One of the more practical gifts you can give any traveler is an external battery to recharge their phone and other electronics when they don’t have access to an outlet. This ultra compact portable charger is perfect for travelers and even comes in cute colors like pink, blue and gold.

15. Travel Wallet

Help the traveler in your life keep identity theft at bay with an RFID blocking wallet and passport holder. This cute travel wallet comes in a variety of colors.

16. Journal

A journal is a great stocking stuffer for travelers who still prefer jotting down notes and thoughts the traditional way.  The travel quotes in this hardcover version provide inspiration but you can check out simpler options here.

17. Jewelry Organizer

 A bright-colored jewelry wrap is a great stocking stuffer for women who travel.

18. Universal Travel Adaptor

universal travel adaptor is a must have item for any world traveler.

19. Travel Toothbrush

This slim and portable electronic toothbrush is available in a variety of designs (from classic solids to fun prints).

20. Scarf

scarf is a great travel gift for women who travel and will keep them warm in cold airports and airplanes. This scarf has a hidden zip pocket to hold a smartphone, passport and money when traveling.

21. Smartphone Lens Kit

This fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens kit is perfect for travelers that like to take great photos but rely on their smartphone camera.

22. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a great gift for a budget traveler or one that cares about the environment. This bottle is foldable and packable so it does not take up a lot of precious luggage space.

23. Travel Themed Coffee Mug

This travel themed coffee mug will remind them of their travels and hopefully make work more bearable in between their trips.

24. Personal Water Filter

personal water filter is a great stocking stuffer for travelers that spend a lot of time outdoors or travel to countries where the water is not safe for drinking.

25. Travel Umbrella

small travel umbrella is a great gift for travelers.

26. Electronics Organizer

This handy electronics organizer will help the traveler in your life keep their digital devices and accessories organized.

27. Compression Socks

Socks as stocking fillers is not very creative, but compression socks help prevent DVT. This pair for both men and women gets great reviews.

28. Instant Mini Camera

This instant mini camera is fun stocking stuffer for travelers and comes in several cute colors.

29. Packing List 

This premade packing list has all of the essentials making packing is super easy!

30. The Carry on Cocktail Kit

This Carry on Cocktail Kit will help them get through a long flight.

31. Gift Card

There is nothing more that a traveler loves than free trips. Get your loved an airline gift card (Amazon sells Southwest Airlines gift cards) and a gift card or Airbnb gift card for their accommodation. You can also buy them an amazing travel experience with a GetYourGuide gift card that they can use for tours, day trips, skip the line tickets or unique experiences offered around the world.

These gifts make for great stocking stuffers for travelers. Are there any travel gifts you would love to find in your stocking?

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