Is it time to renew your Global Entry?  If you applied for Global Entry approximately 4 to 5 years ago, below is a guide with everything you need to know about how to renew your Global Entry including the cost (and how to get it for free), how long it takes and a step by step guide to the Global Entry renewal process.

When Can You Renew Your Global Entry?

You can renew Global Entry up to one (1) year before your Global Entry expiration date.

Renewing your Global Entry early does not shorten the amount of time you have Global Entry. After you renew your Global Entry, five (5) years will be added to your original Global Entry expiration date so there is no reason not to renew early.

Start Renewal Process BEFORE Your Global Entry Expires

This is super important. Make sure to start the Global Entry renewal process BEFORE the expiration date. If you wait to apply for a renewal until after your Global Entry is already expired, you will not have Global Entry while your renewal application is pending (which could take 6 months or longer).

However, if you apply to renew your Global Entry before the expiration date you have a grace period. According to the CBP website, “[i]f you submitted a renewal application before expiration of your current membership, then you can continue to use your benefits until the renewal is finalized.”

When Does My Global Entry Expire?

Global Entry lasts approximately five (5) years depending on your original approval date. The exact Global Entry expiration date is five (5) years after your next birthday following the date you are first approved for Global Entry. Depending on your Global Entry interview date and date of birth, your Global Entry membership will be valid for at least 5 years but could valid almost 6 years after the date you were first approved for Global Entry.

You may not receive any kind of email or notice that your Global Entry is due to expire (at least we did not) so you need to look up your Global Entry expiration date if you have not made a note of it.

Where to Find Your Global Entry Expiration Date

If you don’t recall your Global Entry approval date or lost your Global Entry membership card, you can find your Global Entry expiration date when you log into your Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) account at (The Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) website replaced the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) on October 1, 2017 so references to GOES refer to the older version of the website.) If you have not signed into your GOES account since you first applied for Global Entry you will have to re-register for a account.

Does Global Entry Renewal Require an Interview?

Maybe. Most people are approved for Global Entry upon renewal without having to schedule an interview but sometimes people are conditionally approved and required to schedule an interview for final approval.

Finding interview availability can be difficult. See related post Scheduling Your Global Entry Interview Faster on how to schedule your Global Entry interview quickly even if there are no appointments for months at your closest enrollment center.

How Long Does It Take to Renew Global Entry?

The amount of time it takes to renew Global Entry varies from person to person. The Global Entry renewal process can take only a few days or many months.

The timing of how long it takes to renew Global Entry depends on how long it takes for: 1) CBP to review and process your application and issue a decision (either denial, final approval or conditional approval) AND 2) you to schedule an interview (if you are conditionally approved).

While you can control the timing for scheduling a Global Entry interview, you can’t change how long it takes to be approved (or conditionally approved).  It took me only 5 days to be approved for Global Entry but my sister had to wait almost 10 weeks.  According to the CBP, the average processing time is currently averaging 4-6 months but some people have been waiting even longer than that and still have not been conditionally approved. (See related post: How Long Does It Take To Get Global Entry?).

Is There A Fee to Renew Your Global Entry?

There is a non-refundable application fee of $100 to renew your Global Entry (which is the same as the fee to apply for Global Entry for the first time).

However, there are several ways you can get Global Entry for free. There are several charge and credit cards that reimburse you for the Global Entry fee so check to see if you have one of these cards already or if you want to apply for before you pay the Global Entry application fee.

How to Long Does It Take to Apply For Global Entry Renewal?

It took me less than 30 minutes to complete the Global Entry renewal application.  The timing depends on whether you have already registered for a account and how much of your personal information needs to be updated since you initially applied for Global Entry.

How to Renew Your Global Entry (A Step by Step Guide)

To renew your Global Entry visit the Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) website (which replaced GOES) and enter your email address and your password.

Once you are signed in to your TTP Dashboard you will see the Programs you are approved for (in this case Global Entry), your Membership Number/PASSID, your Global Entry expiration date, and the date you can renew your Global Entry membership (1 year before your Global Entry expiration date).

how to renew global entry membership

Click on the blue “Renew Membership” button.

You will see a screen that by continuing on to apply for Global Entry you acknowledge this notice of a required background check and interview. (However as mentioned above most people don’t need to interview when renewing Global Entry). Click on the blue “Apply for Global Entry” button.

Global entry renewal process

Since you have filled out at least one CBP Trusted Traveler application online (when you originally applied), most of your renewal application should be pre-populated with the data currently on file.

how to renew my global entry membership

To renew your Global Entry, review your information on the Final Review page, update your old data, add any missing information and hit next.

You cannot make changes to an application online once it is submitted so check the information is correct.

global entry renewal application

Below is the information you will need to review in your Global Entry Renewal Application and either update or confirm:

1) Personal Info: Your Profile Info (Name, Date of Birth, City of birth, Country of birth, State/province of birth, E-mail address, Phone number), Identifying Characteristics (Gender, eye color and height), and whether you have used any other names before.
2) Documents:  Update or confirm your passport information.
3) Driver’s License: Update or confirm your driver’s license information.
4) Vehicle Info:  Answer whether you plan to drive across the border from Mexico to the United States to determine if you should register your vehicle.
5) Address Info.
6) Employment Info. Update or confirm your current and previous employment information.
7) Travel History: Add any countries other than the United States, Canada, and Mexico that you have traveled to in the last 5 years. (Do not include countries you spent less than 24 hours in for a stopover to continue to your destination.)

Questions for Global Entry renewal application

8) Additional Info. This consists of answering the following Background Questions:

  • Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense in the United States or any other country?
  • Have you ever received a waiver of inadmissibility to the U.S. from a U.S. government agency?
  • Have you ever been found in violation of customs laws?
  • Have you ever been found in violation of immigration laws?

Global entry renewal information needed

If the answer to any of these question is yes, you might not want apply for Global Entry again because you might not get approved.

9) Final Review and Certify and Pay

global entry how to renew

how much does it cost to renew global entry

Remember to use a credit card that reimburses you for Global Entry if you have one. You have a month to pay but your application will not be reviewed until payment is made so you could pay later if you want to apply for a card that reimburses Global Entry.

Global entry renewal fee

Once your fee is paid, you will see a reminder to log in to the Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) website for your application status updates and to schedule an interview if needed.  We did not receive any emails when we were approved.

renewing global entry

Once your renewal application is processed, you will either be denied, approved or conditional approved. If you are conditionally approved you will be asked to schedule an interview.  (See related post How to Schedule Your Global Entry Interview Faster.)

renewing global entry

I logged in a few days later and my renewal was approved. As you can see below, five (5) years were added to my Global Entry expiration date:

when does global entry expire

After Global Entry approval, U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents and Mexican nationals will be mailed a Global Entry card to the mailing address on file. According to the CBP, you should receive your Global Entry membership card 7-10 business days after approval for Global Entry.

To activate your card login again into your Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) account at  You will see an “Activate Membership Card” option is available on your TTP Website Dashboard page after a card has been issued.  Enter the security code from the back of your card and you will see a screen that your card activation was successful.

Please note you don’t need to carry your Global Entry membership card with you to use Global Entry at customs. You only need your Global Entry card for expedited U.S. entry at land and sea ports of entry but you can also use it as a REAL ID instead of a driver’s license or passport.

Has anyone recently renewed Global Entry? How long did it take and did you have to interview?


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