It can sometimes take months to find open Global Entry appointments in order to schedule your in person Global Entry interview.  Due to high application volume, some Global Entry enrollment centers do not have open interview appointments for months and some locations show no available appointments at all.  If you need to schedule a Global Entry interview but are having a hard time finding an appointment, below are some strategies to bypass the long wait and get a Global Entry appointment sooner.

**Update: The CBP has temporarily suspended operations at Global Entry enrollment centers nationwide until at least September 8, 2020 as a precautionary measure to minimize the exposure of CBP personnel and the public to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Conditionally-approved applicants will need to reschedule enrollment center interviews after September 8, 2020 (but CBP’s Enrollment on Arrival program (see below) will remain operational.

Schedule a Global Entry Interview (Even If Dates Not Soon Enough)

Once you are conditionally approved for Global Entry, you will need to complete an in person interview in order for your Global Entry approval to be finalized.  You must complete the Global Entry enrollment process within 545 days (extended from 365) from the date that CBP conditionally approves your Global Entry application or your Global Entry application will be cancelled and no refund will be granted.

Even if you are not finding any dates or times that work for you, schedule a Global Entry interview at your closest enrollment center for the first available date that works for you because you can always change it later. You can reschedule your Global Entry interview as many times as you want so you can always change your appointment to a better time and date (or do a walk in interview or Global Entry on Arrival as discussed below).  You will need to have a scheduled Global Entry interview if you want try to get a walk in interview.

Keep Checking for Global Entry Appointments

You might be able to find last minute openings due to cancellations if you keep checking your TTP account. If you need to change your interview you are able to reschedule interviews online as well.  I recommend checking at least a few times a day if you really want to find an earlier interview date at your closest enrollment center.

Consider a Different Global Entry Enrollment Center

While some Global Entry enrollment centers do not have openings for months, some enrollment centers have appointments the same or next day.  Consider driving to a Global Entry enrollment center that is a bit further away or schedule an interview in another city if you are planning on being there anyway. This page is a great way to check for available Global Entry appointments at different enrollment centers – just click on an enrollment center and it will expand to show you the first available date.

Consider a Walk In Global Entry Interview

Some Global Entry enrollment centers will accept walk ins as long as you are already scheduled for a Global Entry interview in the future.  It might be worth trying to walk in if you are near a Global Entry enrollment center but I would not go out of my way for the chance of an interview without calling first.

Global Entry Interview on Arrival

**This is now the only way to complete your interview for Global Entry now that the Global Entry Enrollment Centers are closed until at least September 8, 2020.**

Global Entry Enrollment on Arrival is the easiest option for completing your Global Entry interview if you already have an international flight booked coming back to the United States.  Global Entry Enrollment on Arrival allows conditionally approved Global Entry applicants to complete their interview at customs upon arrival into the United States.  This option eliminates the need for a Global Entry applicant to schedule an interview at an enrollment center to complete the application process. Global Entry Enrollment on Arrival is currently only available at select US and Canada airportsThis page has more information about Global Entry on Arrival.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Global Entry Interview in 2020?

Even before the CBP suspended operations at Trusted Traveler Program enrollment centers, 2019 and 2020 have been particularly bad years for Global Entry interview availability for a couple of reasons.  During the US government shutdown that ended early 2019, interviews were cancelled so wait times increased when the government re-opened again. Then in the beginning of the summer of 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) started cancelling some Global Entry scheduled interviews and sent personnel to the southern border due to the “ongoing humanitarian and security crisis.”

Once Global Entry enrollment centers are re-opened, it will become harder to reschedule Global Entry interviews as there will be a bigger backlog but timing will depend on the Global Entry enrollment center. Some enrollment centers had a lot of open appointments and you could easily schedule a Global Entry interview quickly. Other enrollment centers did not have any appointments for months or even show no appointments at all.


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