There is some confusion about how long does Global Entry last. Most people know that Global Entry is good for 5 years but are unclear when those 5 years start. The most obvious assumption is that Global Entry expires 5 years after the date you applied and paid the $100 application fee OR 5 years after the interview and final approval date.  However, the expiration date of Global Entry is actually based on your date of birth which means that some people end up having Global Entry for almost 6 years after their initial approval date.

How Long Does Global Entry Last?

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Global Entry expires 5 years after your next birthday following the date you are first approved for Global Entry. Depending on your interview date and date of birth, your Global Entry membership will be valid for at least 5 years – but could valid almost 6 years after the date you are approved.

How long is a global entry card good for? The expiration date is tied to your birthday

For example, my sister and I both applied for Global Entry on June, 2013 but our interview was scheduled and we were approved in November, 2013.  Since my birthday is in October, my Global Entry would have expired 5 years after the first birthday after the approval date (October, 2014) with an expiration date of October, 2019.  Because of this particular rule, I had Global Entry for almost 5 years and 11 months before it was time to renew.  If my birthday was in December for example, I would have had Global Entry for only 5 years and 1 month.  My sister’s birthday is in March so her Global Entry would have expired in March, 2019 even though we both interviewed and we were approved on that same date.

How long is global entry valid for? The global entry expiration date is based on your birthday

For those who apply for Global Entry and need to schedule your Global Entry interview, it might be a good idea to schedule your Global Entry interview shortly after your birthday in order to maximize the amount of time your Global Entry is valid for. By timing your Global Entry interview and approval date after your birthday, you will have Global Entry (and TSA Precheck) for close to 6 years rather than 5 years.

How to Find Your Global Entry Expiration Date

If you don’t remember your interview/approval date, you can find your Global Entry expiration date when you log into your Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) account at (if you had a GOES account you will have to re-register for a account).

global entry expiration date how long does global entry last

Make sure to put a calendar reminder with your Global Entry expiration date so that you start the Global Entry renewal process BEFORE your Global Entry expires. (You can apply to renew Global Entry up to one (1) year before your Global Entry expiration date.)

If you apply for renewal after your Global Entry is already expired, you will not have Global Entry while your renewal application is pending – which can be a long time as processing can take 6 months or more!  However, if you apply to renew even one day before your Global Entry membership expires, you will be able to continue to use Global Entry benefits until the renewal is finalized.

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