The new set of 5% categories for the 3rd quarter are now live and open for registration for 5% bonus categories for the Chase Freedom Flex (our referral link) and original Chase Freedom credit card. Although the Chase Freedom and the Chase Freedom Flex are technically cash back cards, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Ink Business Preferred or Ink Plus card you can transfer points from your Freedom account into one of those accounts and then can transfer those points to various Chase travel partners.

The Chase Freedom 5% categories for 2023 Q3 quarter (July 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023) are Gas Stations, EV Charging and Select Live Entertainment.

Chase provides clarification on what is included and excluded in each category:
•  Gas Station purchases include: Merchants in this category sell automotive gasoline that can be paid for either at the pump or inside the station and may or may not sell other goods or services at their location.
•  Gas Station exclusions: Merchants that do not specialize in selling automotive gasoline are not included in this category; for example, truck stops, boat marinas, oil and propane distributors, and home heating companies.
•  EV Charging purchases include: Merchants in this category sell electric vehicle charging services that can be paid at the charging station, via mobile app, account/subscription or an attendant, and the merchants may or may not sell other goods or services at their location. Merchants must use the electric vehicle charging MCC for transaction to be rewarded against.
•  EV Charging exclusions: If electric vehicle charging services are offered for free by a merchant or are included in their services, but other services/goods require payment, the transactions will not be rewarded against. Currently, parking facility merchants, such as valet parking, airport parking, and parking garages, are allowed to charge to the MCC that results in the highest sales volume, if the vendor chooses to charge the transaction to the parking facility MCC, the transaction will not be rewarded against. Residential electric vehicle charging is not included in this category. Electric vehicle charging equipment purchases and servicing for any use, including residential or commercial, are not included in this category.
•  Examples of Select Live Entertainment: Amusement / Theme Parks (Busch Gardens, Cedar Point, Disney Land, Disney World, Legoland, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Universal Studios), Major Professional Sporting Events (MLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA/WNBA, NFL, NHL, PGA/LPGA, US Open), Ticketing Agencies (, Eventbrite, GAMETIME Tickets, Live Nation, SeatGeek, See Tickets, StubHub, Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, ticketLeap, TickPick, and Other (Aquariums, Carnivals, Circuses, Concerts, Museums, Theatrical Productions, Zoos).
•  Select Live Entertainment exclusions: Merchants that sell tickets for in-person entertainment are not included in this category; for example, movie theaters, bowling alleys, horse racing tracks, casinos, and dance hall/clubs. Purchasing from a hotel/concierge is not included nor excursions or purchases as part of a travel package.

The 5% only applies to the first $1,500 spent on combined purchases each quarter. This means if you spend $1,500 on a combination of Gas Stations, EV Charging, Select Live Entertainment this quarter you will receive a total of 7,500 points (1,500 plus a bonus of 6,000 points).

This should be an easy quarter to maximize your bonus. Even if you do not plan to spend $1,500 at Gas Stations, EV Charging, Select Live Entertainment you may be able to find gift cards at gas stations.

Don’t Forget to Activate

chase freedom flex registration q3 2023 3rd quarter 3 2023
Please note, that in order to earn the 5% you must activate the offer each quarter (by text, email or other methods). If you have a Chase Freedom and have signed up for email reminders you should have already received an email asking you to activate this quarter’s categories. If you have not yet activated the 5% for this quarter, you can register now or any time during the registration period and earn the full 5% for the entire quarter retroactively. Registration for the 3rd quarter of 2023 ends on September 14, 2023.


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