With lines at security getting longer recently, more people will be looking into getting TSA PreCheck.  I love having TSA Precheck benefits and have written about how to apply for TSA Precheck and Global Entry (Global Entry includes TSA Precheck).  A few readers have asked a question in the comments that I think many families would find useful:  Does TSA PreCheck extend to children traveling with you?

The answer is yes for your children 12 years old or younger. If you have TSA Precheck benefits, you can bring your kids age 12 or under with you through the TSA Precheck lane.  According to the TSA website:

“Family members ages 12 and under traveling with an eligible parent or guardian with a TSA Pre✓® indicator on their boarding pass can participate in expedited screening….Family members 13 and older must go through standard security lanes or should apply for a DHS trusted traveler program.”

However, if your child is traveling with a parent or family member that does not have TSA Precheck, they would not have your TSA Precheck benefits.

Can Minors Apply For TSA Precheck?

Yes.  There is no age restriction to apply for TSA Precheck.  For most kids age 12 or younger, there is no need to apply for TSA Precheck since they are included under their parents but they can apply.

Once your child turns 13 years old, he or she would need to get their own TSA Precheck in order to use the TSA Precheck lanes with the rest of the family.

Is TSA Precheck Worth It?

I consider having TSA Precheck worth the $85 fee (or $100 Global Entry fee) if traveling more than a couple of times per year.  If traveling with one or more young children, I think TSA Precheck is an even better value since more people are covered.

Thinking of applying for TSA Precheck? Read the related posts  TSA Precheck vs. Global Entry: Which Is Best For You? and How to Get TSA PreCheck: A Guide on How Best to Apply.  Also important to note, some of you may also be able to get TSA Precheck for free.

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