In preparation for traveling internationally with my kids, I researched the rules regarding Global Entry (which also includes TSA Precheck) and children. Specifically, I wanted to find out: do children have Global Entry if one of their parents does?

global entry for children

According to the Department of Homeland Security website, these are the rules regarding Global Entry and children:

Are Children Included Under Global Entry?

No. Children cannot use the Global Entry kiosk with their parents. Only Global Entry members can use the Global Entry kiosk. Global Entry benefits are member specific and cannot be extended to others.

Important note: If you have Global Entry you also have TSA Precheck benefitsTSA Precheck may extend to your children age 17 or under when going with you through security.

Can Children Sign Up For Global Entry?

Yes, minors may enroll in Global Entry. Your child may sign up for Global Entry even if you do not have it.  Minor children 18 years or younger are required to have parental or legal guardianship permission to sign up for Global Entry and a parent or legal guardian must be present at the time of the Global Entry interview.

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Is it Worth Signing Up Your Child for Global Entry?

For me, it is not yet worth the time and expense involved in enrolling my kids for Global Entry.  They already have TSA Precheck benefits when traveling with me because I do. TSA Precheck is a big part of the appeal of Global Entry and I use my TSA Precheck benefits more than I do the Global Entry part.

The only time there would be an issue is when returning to the US after international travel as they would not be allowed to use the Global Entry kiosk with me.  Still, right now it is not worth paying the $100 Global Entry application fee when they do not travel internationally more than once or twice a year (I do have one of the credit cards that reimburse the Global Entry fee but I am using the credit to reimburse myself for my Global Entry renewal). Besides, my home airport Chicago O’Hare has kiosks at passport control for those without Global Entry. I do anticipate my children applying for Global Entry before they turn 13 in order to have TSA Pre-Check benefits (although possibly even sooner if we travel with them internationally more frequently than a couple times a year).


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