United and American airlines are each offering up to 1,000 extra bonus miles on their airline shopping portals so you can earn a total of 2,000 bonus miles. (In case anyone reading is not very familiar with online shopping portals, these bonuses are in addition to the miles normally earned for going through an airline shopping portal and also in addition to any miles, points or cash back earned on your credit card.)

American Airlines AAdvantage – Up to 1,000 Bonus Miles

AA AAdvantage online shopping bonus
For Qualifying purchases through January 15, 2024 at 11:59:59 pm ET:

  • Earn 500 bonus miles when you spend $200
  • Earn 1000 bonus miles when you spend $400

Here is a link to the promotion on the AA online shopping portal.

United MileagePlus Shopping – Up to 1,000 Bonus Miles

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For Qualifying purchases through January 17, 2024 at 11:59:59 pm ET:

  • 500 bonus miles when you spend $150
  • 1000 bonus miles when you spend $300

Here is a link to the promotion on United MileagePlus shopping.

“Qualifying purchases” do not include returns, cancellations, shipping and handling, taxes, gift card or other cash equivalent purchases, and certain products that are not eligible for bonus miles.

Each offer has different threshold amounts and different end dates. If you don’t plan to make enough purchases to earn both bonuses and need to choose only one, consider how much you will be spending and also the payout on the store you are shopping from.

An easy way to compare payouts if you participate in several frequent flyer programs is checking websites such as evreward and Cashback Monitor.


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