There have been a lot of gift card rebates lately! Staples is giving a rebate on the purchase of MasterCard gift cards this week. If you buy $300 or more of MasterCard gift cards in store between October 2 through October 8, 2016 you will receive a $15 Staples gift card after easy rebate.

Here are the details of the rebate:

•  Buy $300 or more of MasterCard gift cards
•  In store only
•  October 2-8, 2016
•  Limit of one rebate per household
•  Receive a $15 Staples gift card by mail after easy rebate

How Much Can You Earn?

$15 is more than the fees you would incur for purchasing $300 of MasterCard gift cards so you would be earning some extra profit on top of points for using a credit card.

The amount of money you earn will depend on what gift card denominations you purchase. Staples stores sell MasterCard gift cards in $100 and $200 denominations with fees of $5.95 and $6.95 respectively.  To minimize fees it would be best to buy the highest denomination gift cards you can find. Ideally, your local Staples store will carry $200 MasterCard gift cards (which is not always the case) – if they do the best way to maximize is to purchase 2 of the $200 denominations.

The best cards to use are those that earn 5% in office supply stores but you come ahead even if you use another credit card.

How Do Staples Rebates Work?

For anyone unfamiliar with the Staples Easy Rebates process here is how it works:

1. Buy at least $300 in MasterCard gift cards using your credit card at a Staples store. The cashier will hand you a rebate form with your receipt.
2. Complete and submit your rebate form. I like to do mine online at and it only takes a minute or two.
3. A few weeks later you will receive your $15 Staples gift card by mail.


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