Singapore Airlines
Singapore Changi (SIN) – Shanghai Pudong (PVG)
Suites Class
Seats: 3C and 3D

We were flying Singapore Airlines Suites class for the first time so we went crazy and booked the middle suites. Everyone says those are great for couples but they’re great for a couple of sisters too.


Singapore Suites are enclosed first class suites on Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft.

Singapore airlines first class suite

Singapore airline suites class review
Singapore Airline Suites cabin

There are 4 rows with a total of 12 seats.  The first and last rows have a 1-1 configuration with no middle seats.  The second and third rows have a 1-2-1 configuration.

We chose the middle seats in the third row.  Below is a screenshot of our flight’s seat map:

Singapore airlines suites class A380
Singapore Airlines Suites Seat Map

All seats can be made into flat beds.  The middle seats can be made into a larger, double bed- hence the good for couples thing.

singapore airlines first class suites reviews
Singapore Suites Middle Seats

The middle suites are great for couples but also any two people traveling together who want to hang out.  They are not great if you’re the type of person who enjoys looking out the window.


The suites in Singapore Airlines Suites Class are more private than typical first class seats as they have doors and blinds.

singapore suites class

When not in a flat bed position, the Suites seats are still very comfortable.

singapore suite
Singapore Airlines Suites Seat

Across the seat is a flat screen television and an ottoman to rest your legs.

Singapore suites trip report

There is no overhead storage in Suites class so carry ons are stowed underneath the ottoman.  There is plenty of room for regulation size items.

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

The suites have decent storage space to stash away small personal items as well.

Singapore suites trip report
Singapore Suites storage compartment

Amenities and Service

Bose noise cancelling headphones and a Givenchy blanket are available for use.

singapore airlines suite class

singapore airlines suite class

Since Singapore to Shanghai is a short route (around 5:20 hours), neither pajamas nor an amenity kit were provided.

In flight wi-fi and text were available for a fee ($5.99 or $9.99 depending on the plan).

This was a fun crew.  Besides us, the only other passengers were two Asian businessmen.  Flight attendants were formal with the two businessmen but not very formal with us.  They frequently stopped by to chit chat and joked around with us and each other.  We got a kick out of the little teddy bears they posed around the suite.

Food and Drink

We don’t usually drink on flights but made an exception this time.  Matilda ordered Krug and Patti ordered Dom.

Singapore air suites review

We are far from experts on champagne but we both preferred the Krug.

singapore airlines first class suites krug

We thought we had pre-ordered our main course using the Book the Cook option but the crew did not seem to have a record of it.  We casually asked if Book the Cook was available on this route and they said yes- we never mentioned the mix up though as we were fine just ordering our meal again.

The food was pretty good.  Here are photos of the menu and our order.

Singapore airlines first class suite menu

singapore suites review

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

singapore airlines first class suites review

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

singapore first class suites review

singapore suites menu

singapore airlines first class suites review

singapore airlines first class suites review

menu singapore airlines suite class

Singapore airlines a380 suites menu

Singapore airlines first class suite menu

Singapore airlines suites class

Singapore airlines suites a380 food

Singapore ailinres a380 suites food

singapore a380 suites food

singapore airlines suites review a380 suites

food in Singapore suites A380

singapore airlines first class suites reviews

Double Bed

As soon as meal service was over, we were ready to check out that bed.  We are fine making our own beds on other flights but were happy to have help on this one.  Making the seats completely flat involved a lot more work and strength than usual.

singapore airlines double bed

To combine the two middle suites into one double bed, the flight attendants lower the privacy partition.  We chose this option so we could chat for a bit and well, just for the experience of it.  As you can see from the photos, unlike a true double bed, there is still a bar between the two beds.

singapore airlines suites double bed
Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class double bed

The bed was pretty comfy- we ended up sleeping for a few hours.  We were kind of bummed when the flight attendants woke us up and for the first time ever, wished our flight had been a little longer.

For couples thinking the Suites are a good place to join the mile high club, think again.  Part of the blinds are sheer so flight attendants can still see inside.  Sorry, no hanky-panky.

singapore airlines suites review
View from inside Singapore Suites with door closed and blinds pulled down

singapore airlines suites review
Shades pulled down

Final Take

Overall, we enjoyed flying Singapore Airlines Suites class.  We are happy flying any airline with a comfortable flat bed but the enclosed suite was a nice bonus for us.  We would be interested in flying one of the longer routes in the future so we could enjoy the suite longer and get the full experience- pajamas and all.

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Inside the luxurious first class Singapore Airlines Suites
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