Did you know how to pay your mortgage with a credit card for free?  Plastiq is a website that lets you pay your mortgage with a credit card – sometimes with no fee.

Plastiq is an easy way to pay your mortgage with a credit card

A good option for paying your mortgage with credit card or debit card is Plastiq.  You can use Plastiq to pay your mortgage and other bills including your tuition, utilities and rent with a credit card. I regularly use Plastiq to pay my mortgage with a credit card and have had no issues.

How to Pay Mortgage with a Credit Card for Free

Plastiq normally charges a fee up to 2.50% for using a credit card but there are a few ways to pay your mortgage with a credit card with NO FEE:

1) Plastiq Referral Program 

Plastiq has a referral program which can earn you and those you refer free online bill payments. For every person who signs up with Plastiq using your referral code and makes a payment of at least $500, you earn $1,000 dollars of fee free bill payments and that person will get $500 dollars of fee free bill payments.

If you do not have a friend/family member to refer you to Plastiq, I would be grateful if you sign up for Plastiq with my referral link and you will earn $1,000 dollars of NO FEE bill payments after making a $500 bill payment.

If you can make a few Plastiq referrals, you can pay a mortgage payment for free.

2) Use a Credit Card that Earns More than Than Plastiq’s Fee

If might be hard to find one but you have a credit card that earns more cash back or points than the Plastiq fee (2.50%) it will erase any fees.

3) Keep an eye out for limited time Plastiq promotions with lower Plastiq fees.

Even if you do not have a card that earns more than 2.50% in cash or miles, keep an eye out for limited time Plastiq promotions. Plastiq periodically offers promotions where it charges a lower fee than usual. For example, Plastiq briefly ran a promotion where the fee was lowered to 1.75% if you scheduled 6 or more rent or mortgage payments on a Mastercard. I have a Mastercard (Citi DoubleCash) that earns 2% in cash rewards so I scheduled several mortgage payments at that time locking in a 0.25% profit.



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