I’ve written about Plastiq before, but they now have a limited time promotion where they are charging lower fees when paying your mortgage or rent with a MasterCard or American Express card. Depending on which card you use you might even be able to earn free points or cash!

For anyone not familiar with Plastiq, this website allows you to pay your mortgage, rent and other bills online with a credit card or debit card. The fee is usually 2.50% for credit cards.

Plastiq is currently offering a limited time promotion and charging lower fees when you schedule 6 or more rent or mortgage payments with either your MasterCard or American Express. Promotional fees are as follows:

MasterCard = 1.75%
American Express = 2.25%

To lock in the lower rate you must schedule at least 6 rent or mortgage payments with your MasterCard or Amex by October 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PT.  Although you have to schedule the payments by October 31, you can schedule the payments as far in the future as you’d like and lock in the lower fees. The only limit is that you cannot schedule payments past your card’s expiration date.

Plastiq Promotion Pay rent or mortgage for a lower fee with MasterCard & American Express

If you have a MasterCard that earns more than 1.75%, you can earn extra points and cash by paying your rent or mortgage. I have a Citi Double Cash card that earns 2% cash back which I will use. Barclaycard Arrival Plus card earns 2x miles so that could be another option to make a profit. Although no longer offered, I believe the AT&T Access More Card from Citi earns 3 ThankYou Points per $1 spent.

If you don’t have a MasterCard that earns more than 1.75%, you might still find Plastiq useful for meeting minimum spending requirements on new credit cards.

Another reason I like Plastiq is that Plastiq has a referral program which can earn you and those you refer no-fee credit card payments. This post has all the details on the referral program but basically, for every person who signs up with Plastiq using your referral link and makes a payment of at least $500, you earn $1,000 dollars of fee free bill payments and that person will get $500 dollars of fee free bill payments.

If you have not yet signed up for Plastiq, I would be grateful if you sign up for Plastiq with my referral link and you will earn the ability to pay $500 of bills without a fee and I will earn $1,000 fee-free payments. You are also welcome to leave your own Plastiq referral link in the comments below.


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