Shopping for a travel gift for Mother’s Day? Here are the best travel gifts for moms that like to travel.

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Mother’s Day Travel Gifts

1. Scarf

A scarf is a great gift for women that are always cold. This scarf has a hidden zip pocket to hold her smartphone, passport and money when traveling.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are essential for anyone that travels. I even use my headphones at home to block out street noise and loud construction.  These Bose headphones are popular with frequent flyers but more affordable headphones are also available.

3. Journal

A journal is a great gift for the mom who still prefers jotting down notes and thoughts the traditional way. The travel quotes in this hardcover version also provide inspiration.

4. Compression Socks

Compression socks don’t have to be ugly. Help mom prevent swelling and DVT on long flights or drives with a fashionable and functional pair – this polka dot pair is especially stylish.

5. Travel Themed Scrapbook

If your mom enjoys scrapbooking, she will enjoy preserving her travel memories in this travel themed scrapbook.

6. External Battery

One of the more practical gifts you can give your mother is an external battery to recharge her their phone when she don’t have access to an outlet. This lipstick-sized portable charger is perfect for women and even comes in cute colors like pink, blue and gold!

7. Eye Mask

Give mom the gift of good sleep with a cute and stylish eye mask.  Check out this classic favorite if basic black is more her style.

8. Jewelry Organizer

Your mom will love a beautiful jewelry organizer to keep her jewelry organized.

9. Travel Wallet

Help mom keep identity theft at bay with an RFID blocking wallet and passport holder. This stylish travel wallet comes in a variety of colors.

10.  Mini Cork Globe

This mini cork globe will help mom keep track of where she has been or where she plans to go someday.

11. Travel Coffee Table Book

A travel coffee table book will look good at mom’s house and can serve as travel inspiration for her future travels.

12.  Travel Inspired Throw Pillows

Travel inspired throw pillows like this set of geography themed throw pillow covers would look great in mom’s house. Perfect for the aviation enthusiast mom, an airport code throw pillow from Airportag is a quirky way for her to show some airport pride.  (They also have additional items with airport codes on their website including mugs and tote bags.

13. World Map

A world map is a fun way for mom to keep track of her travels.

14. Kindle Paperwhite

If your mom still does not have an e-reader, she might like a Kindle Paperwhite so she can read her favorite books.

15. Electronics Organizer

Mom can keep her gadgets and accessories organized with this handy electronics organizer.

16. Travel Themed Adult Coloring Book

Let mom release her inner artist with a travel inspired adult coloring book. If your mom gets anxious, coloring is a great way for your mom to relax at home.

17. Travel Themed Jewelry

If your mom loves flying and jewelry, she will love this affordable delicate tiny airplane pendant which comes in silver, gold or rose gold.

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