Beautiful Travel Coffee Table Books for Wanderlusters

We both love coffee table books about travel. Not only do they look good in our apartments but they are fun to look through when looking for inspiration for future trips. If you are looking for a beautiful travel coffee book for your home or as a gift for a travel lover, we have put together a list of our favorite travel coffee table books. Some of these we have ourselves and the rest are ones that we would love to receive as a gift.

Best Travel Coffee Table Books

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Here are the most beautiful travel coffee table books for every traveler on your list.

1. Wanderlust Coffee Table Books

the travel book

Looking for inspiration for your world travels? The newest edition The Travel Book (Lonely Planet Travel Guides) has photos and information about visiting every country in the world.

Below are more coffee table travel books featuring the best destinations around the world to inspire your future travels.

2. Travel Coffee Table Books for Couples

the world's most romantic destinations

Looking for a coffee table book for a traveling couple? This book about the world’s most romantic destinations and this book about the ultimate journeys for two are great gifts for travel couples.

3. Road Trip Coffee Table Book
drives of a lifetime

This book featuring 500 of the world’s greatest road trips will inspire avid road trippers.

4. Hiking Coffee Table Books
one hundred hikes of a lifetime

Hikers will love this book about the world’s best hikes.

5. Coffee Table Book For National Park Lovers
atlas of the national parks

Travelers that enjoy the outdoors will love this book about America’s best national parks.

6. Coffee Table Books for Foodies
food journeys of a lifetime

Looking for a coffee table book for a traveler that loves food? This book about 500 extraordinary places to eat around the globe and this book ranking the world’s top 500 food experiences are great for foodies.

7. Coffee Table Book for Wine Lovers
the wine lover's bucket list

Wine lovers will appreciate The Wine Lover’s Bucket List: 1,000 Amazing Adventures in Pursuit of Wine.

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