If you ride the subway on January 11th there’s a chance you will run into a few pantless passengers.  Well, more than usual.  Don’t panic and don’t reach for your pepper spray – you are merely witnessing the 14th annual Global No Pants Subway Ride.

What began as a prank between seven guys has turned into an international celebration of silliness.  The rules are pretty simple.  Participants board cars at random stops wearing their usual winter gear (coats, gloves, scarves, etc) but not pants.  They keep a straight face and behave as if they are not aware they, or others, are pantless.

The aim is to make people laugh so no lewdness is allowed.  I’ve randomly run into this before (as a spectator, not as a participant) and yes, it is pretty funny.

For a list of cities participating in the Global No Pants Subway Ride read http://improveverywhere.com/.


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