Visiting a bunny cafe in Japan a few years ago was a trip highlight so when Cuddle Bunny opened in Chicago, I had to check it out. My kids didn’t need any coaxing to join me for some bunny snuggles and gleefully requested we visit on Easter Sunday.

Booking online was very easy and straightforward. Guests book a specific enclosure along with the time but during the visit rotate through all the enclosures. The cost was very reasonable at $64 for 4 people. Although guests technically must be 5 years or older, special arrangements can be made for younger children. My kids are 2 1/2 and almost 5 but have grown up with a doggie brother and know how to behave around small animals.

On the day of our visit, we giddily piled into Cuddle Bunny and were delighted by the space. Adorable bunny-themed decor and merchandise surrounded us everywhere. A staff member dressed as a bunny greeted us and it took me a moment to realize the costume was because of Easter. She went over the rules which included masks at all times, wash hands upon entry, no picking up bunnies and shuffle your feet to avoid accidentally stepping on bunnies. The rules were posted on the website and I had gone over them with the kids beforehand. They happily showed off their bunny shuffle to the human bunny.

my kids at the Cuddle Bunny Chicago

When it was time for our bunny interaction, we shuffled into the first enclosure to meet our furry friends. Seating is on the floor and we were offered a pillow to sit on if needed. A staff member gave us small pieces of parsley for treats and a brush for a little grooming. She also gave us some info like bunny names, age, personality and type and was available to answer questions while still giving us our space to interact. The bunnies were very different in terms of temperament and looks but were all absolutely adorable. Some were active, some were mellow, some tried to hop on our lap and one played with her toys. Time flew and I was surprised each time it was our turn to move to the next enclosure. There were 4 enclosures and we rotated through each one every 20 minutes for a total of 1 hour with the bunnies.

Petting a bunny at the Cuddle Bunny in Chicago

The entire Cuddle Bunny experience was very relaxing and positive. The space was clean, the owner and staff were friendly and most importantly, the bunnies were well-cared for. Once our bunny cuddles sadly came to an end, we were handed a Frequent Hopper punch card that we definitely plan to take advantage of. Apparently, there is another floor with bunny friends to snuggle and my kids are quite eager to meet them too. In addition to bunny interactions, Cuddle Bunny hosts special events like yoga and story time for more opportunities to hang with the bunnies.

Bonus: metered street parking is easily available nearby.

Cuddle Bunny
2901 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773) 687-9253



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