What do you do when there’s a bunny and hedgehog cafe near your hotel? You hop on over! And that’s exactly what we did while in Tokyo.

Although Japan has cat cafes, dog cafes, reptile cafes, owl cafes, goat cafes and even regular ol’ coffee cafes, the bunny cafe was the clear winner for us. Maybe it’s because our first childhood pet was a bunny, or maybe because that bunny was stolen (seriously, wtf!) but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some bunny cuddles.


There are a number of bunny cafes scattered around Tokyo. We chose Ms. Bunny as it was the closest bunny cafe to our hotel and only a short walk from the Roppongi Metro station. A 6ft sign of a tie-wearing bunny makes the cafe pretty easy to spot.

rabbit cafe japan

Follow the bunny trail up the stairs…

tokyo japan bunny and hedgehog cafe japan

…and this is the “cafe”.

bunny hedgehog rabbit cafe japan

As you can see, the room was pretty small and most seats were taken. A self-serve coffee/tea machine was in the back corner but we didn’t bother trying it.

We were given a sheet of rules to sign:

hedgehog cafe and rabbit cafe tokyo japan

The price for holding a bunny starts at 750 yen (about $6 US) for a 30 minute session. During this “30 minute session”, you are allowed to hold two bunnies for 10 minutes each. After your initial session, you are allowed to add another half hour. We opted for the extra time so in total, we each got to hold four bunnies.

Before you can have contact, you must use hand sanitizer and place a blanket on your lap. The staff brings over your chosen one (you get to pick) and the timer starts.

The bunnies we chose had different temperaments ranging from mellow to spunky.

cafes in tokyo ms bunny rabbit cafe

japan bunny cafe easter bunny rabbit

They also had very different sizes. Check out this big fella!

japan rabbit cafe

Treats for your bunny friend can be purchased for 300 yen ($2.50 US) and of course, we wanted our bunnies to get a treat. Some bunnies did not eat much but others nibbled at our fingers until we gave them more.

When it is all over, you are left with a big smile on your face and a ton of bunny fur on your clothes. Fortunately, the folks at Ms. Bunny thought of everything and pulled out a giant lint-roller for us to use.

There are many bunny cafes and rabbit cafes throughout Tokyo to choose from but if you are worried about about the language barrier, you can book a visit to a rabbit cafe on this website.

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