One of the things I do before I travel internationally, is to let my banks that issued my credit or ATM cards know that I will be traveling abroad.  While you can call your bank, some banks make it easy to quickly notify them of your travel plans online. Fortunately, has an online travel notification form which makes it really easy to let them know of your plans.

When Should You Notify Chase of Your Travel Plans?

For debit and ATM  cards, you can let Chase know you are traveling up to 14 days before your trip starts. For credit cards, you can complete an online travel form up to one year before your trip starts. (I would recommend filling out the form as soon as you book your airline tickets).

How to Set Up a Chase Travel Notification Online

Log into your account and click on the person icon on the top right. If you click under any of the options, the Profile & Settings menu will appear on the left side.   Scroll down and click on “Travel” under “More Settings”.

online chase travel notification form

If you click on Update option for Credit Card, you will see the travel notification form.

chase travel notification form

While some people don’t notify their banks before they travel internationally and they don’t have any issues, I always make sure to complete an online travel notification form online.  It only takes a minute and it is worth it to avoid getting your card declined in a foreign country.

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