While boarding a flight over the holidays, I noticed a flight attendant asking children if they would like to visit the cockpit.  Of course, they all happily said yes and proudly marched inside.  It was cute seeing how excited they were but I was a little surprised it was allowed.  I have two nephews who would jump at the chance for the experience so I took the opportunity to ask the flight attendant some questions about how to get to the cockpit.

Is this a one-time thing for the holidays?  What are the rules?  Can anyone visit?  Apparently, anyone can visit!  She did make it perfectly clear that visits were only allowed before or after the flight though.  Simply ask the flight attendant as you are boarding or disembarking and she will grant you access if the flight crew is not busy.  Your best chances are after the flight as before is when the pilots are usually occupied.

The flight attendant also pointed out that cockpit visits weren’t just for kids.  Adults are also welcome but the same rules apply.  So, consider asking on your next flight whether you are traveling with a kid or whether you are just a curious adult.



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