Most of you are familiar with the many online shopping portals that earn miles, points or cashback for shopping online. Online shopping portals give you extra rewards (miles, points or cash) for going through them before clicking to the website you want to shop from.  The payouts for making a purchase are always changing but range from 0.5 miles per dollar to as high as 30 miles per dollar.  There are many online shopping portals so unless you have a preference for a specific one, you will want to choose the portal offering the most miles/points/cash for making a purchase from your chosen store.

Two useful sites which compare which online shopping portal is offering the best payout are and  Ev’reward and Cashback Monitor are similar – they both compare rewards offered between the various online shopping portals. You type in the name of the store you want to make a purchase from and these sites will show you the payout from all the portals that offer rewards for that merchant.  (Update: Another alternative to evreward and Cashback Monitor is

Neither of these comparison websites are 100% accurate, but I find Cashback Monitor to be more accurate when it comes to cashback rewards. Before making a large purchase I like to check both sites and even the portal itself to make sure I use the portal offering the largest payout.

Cashback Monitor also offers some extra features that evrewards does not. A unique feature of Cashback Monitor is that allows you to sign up to monitor payouts from different merchants across 8 shopping portals. You will need to sign in to use the monitor feature.

cash back monitor my monitor

Another great feature of Cashback Monitor is the ability to set up e-mail alerts:

cashback monitor manage my alerts

How to Start:

To begin using, type in the name of the store you would like to make an online purchase from.


Evreward will then show you a list of online shopping portals giving rewards for purchases from that store and the amount of rewards earned per $1 of your purchase.


Cashback Monitor is similar to evrewards.

cashback monitor

After typing in the store name you will see a list of choices and you have to click on either the tabs at the top or the store name on the right to see all the options.

cashback monitor


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