We used to participate in a lot of travel twitter chats when we first joined twitter.  Twitter chats (also called twitter parties) can be a lot of fun for anyone that loves travel and a good way to find travel twitter accounts to follow.  For travel bloggers (especially newer or aspiring bloggers), it can be a great way to network with other travel bloggers or find other bloggers to follow. Some chats are sponsored by companies and even giveaway a prize to one of the participants after every chat.

If you are interested in participating in travel twitter chats, we have put together a current list of all of the best travel twitter chats and an explanation of how twitter chats work.

What is a Travel Twitter Chat?

current list of the best travel twitter chats

If you use Twitter you might be familiar with twitter chats but if not, here is a brief summary.  A twitter chat or twitter party is a scheduled conversation with many participants about a topic. Twitter chats have a designated day and time – usually weekly, but there are also bi-weekly, monthly chats or one time chats as well. Each week/month, the chat covers a different topic and the chat typically lasts either an hour or half hour.

During a twitter chat, the host(s) (and sometimes co-hosts) tweet out questions during regular intervals using a specific hashtag for the twitter chat.  Anyone who wants to participate in the twitter chat can answer the questions by tweeting an answer using the hashtag. The hosts and participants follow the chat using the hashtag and will frequently respond, like or re-tweet each other. Some of the participants are regulars but there are always new people that join.

Here is an example of how a twitter chat works.  When the twitter chat starts, the twitter chat host(s) will tweet out questions throughout chat in this format.  The question will look like this: Q1. What is your favorite city to travel to in the world? #travelchathashtag.  Participants will tweet out their answers in this format:  A1. I love Tokyo  #travelchathashtag.

Some travel twitter chats have regular hosts but some chats will have a different co-host or group of co-hosts each week. Some travel twitter chats share their questions ahead of time on their websites or facebook pages and some even offer email reminders. If you are not able to participate live at the time the twitter chat is scheduled, you can schedule your answers using hootsuite.com or tweetdeck.com for free.

List of All Current Travel Twitter Chats

There are always new travel twitter chats that pop up and some travel twitter chats we used to participate in have ended in the last few years, so we put together a current list of travel twitter chats:

Weekly Twitter Chats


Twitter chat about promoting travel happiness, inspiring people to travel and supporting each other to become better travelers.
When:  Every Monday at 12 pm ET
Host: @funtravelchat, @CharlesMcCool and @TravThroughLife

TravelingMom #TMOM
Travelling moms. For more information visit www.travelingmom.com/twitter-parties.
Time: Every Monday from 9-10p ET
Host: @travelingmoms


#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter
This is the travel community’s biggest Twitter chat. #TTOT is also a popular hashtag during the week for travel tweets. Topics are posted on their facebook page: @TravelTalkOnTwitter.
When: Every Tuesday at 9:30 AM/PM GMT.
Hosts: @TravelDudes, @wheresshellyii, @todayInIreland, @SonjaSwissLife, @ourtastytravels, @erindesantiago

#TRLT (The Road Less Travelled)
#TRLT ranks as one of the top 3 busiest weekly travel Twitter chats with a focus on destinations overlooked on travel Twitter chats, such as Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Central America. For more information visit www.thetravelcamel.com/trlt.
When: Each Tuesday 1 pm EST
Hosts: @TheTravelCamel, @Sihpromatum, @TazzDiscovers and @JLipowski.

When: Tuesday at 1pm ET.
Host: @CheapOair and rotating co-hosts.

When: Every Tuesday at 9pm ET.
Hosts: @InspireToWander


For information and the list of questions visit https://thirtysummers.com/twitter-chats/travchat.
When: Every Wednesday 10:30 am GMT (London Time).
Host: @travchats

#passionpassport – Passion Passport
This is a great chat that we have co-hosted twice.
When: Every Wednesday at 2:30 pm EST
Host: @passionpassport and rotating co-hosts.

#SquireChat (formerly #TRAVEX)
Tweet-up designed to encourage thoughtful discussion and exchange of travel related ideas with educational touchpoints.
When: Every Wednesday 4:30 PM EST.
Host: @travelsquire.

Focus on food and travel.
When: Every Wednesday 8pm EST.
Twitter account: @FoodTravelChat
Host: @FoodTravelist.

Chat about South Africa.
When: Every Wednesday from 7PM SAST (UTC+2).
Twitter account: @TravelChatSA


Focus on luxury travel.
When: Every Thursday 12.30pm EST/ 5.30pm UK time
Hosts: @luxurytravelmom + @mrsoaroundworld.

#JAchat – City Travel Chat
Half hour chat focused on city travel and urban culture worldwide.
When: Every Thursday at 1 pm ET for half hour.
Hosts: @jettingaround, @claudioula, @charlesmccool, and @workmomtravels.

When: Every Thursday at 2pm ET.
Hosts: @OneTravel and rotating co-hosts.

Focused on all aspects of culture and travel.
When: Thursdays at 2:30pm ET
Host: @Nicolette_O

#WeekendWanderlust – Weekend Wanderlust
When: Every Thursday at 9pm ET / 6pm PT / 1am GMT
Host: @WWTravelChat


Travel Skills #TravelSkills
One of the largest Twitter travel chats. #TravelSkills is hosted by travel experts Chris McGinnis (@cjmcginnis) and Johnny Jet (@JohnnyJet) and is usually sponsored by large travel brands. For more information visit http://travelskills.com/chat. You can also sign up for an e-mail remainder 30 minutes prior to the chat.
Time: Fridays, 12 noon – 1 pm ET / 9 am – 10 am PT (plus occasional “pop-up” chats on other days at other times)
Hosts: @cjmcginnis & @johnnyjet.


#PTtravel – PT TRAVEL
When: Every Sunday 6PM UK time
Host: @kate_frankie

Bi-Weekly Twitter Chats

Midwest Travel Chat #MWTravel
Covers mostly Midwest topics and destinations.
When: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11 a.m. CT/ 12 p.m. ET.
Host: @‏mwtravelblogs

When: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m. BST.
Host: @‏icelollyholiday

Monthly Twitter Chats

TBIN is a team of 60+ travel bloggers/writers/photographers sharing their work to provide readers with travel inspiration.
When: Monthly on a Tuesday
Host: @TBINChat‏

Florida Travel Twitter Chat #FLTravelChat
Chat about Florida travel. Sign up for email reminders and see questions, future schedule and topics are posted on http://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/florida-travel-twitter-chat.html
When: Monthly on a Tuesday

Twitter chat for women who travel.
When: When: Last Wednesday of every month at 2pm ET (6pm GMT)
Host:The #wanderful team (@sheswanderful)

Visit http://www.travelweekly.com/News-at-TW/Travel-Weekly-Chats-on-Twitter for schedule and topics
One Wednesday a month 3 p.m. Eastern
Host: @TWtravelnews

Large monthly chat sponsored by @AllianzTravelUS and co-hosted by popular travel bloggers.
When: Third Thursdays of each month at 1 pm ET.
Sponsor: @AllianzTravelUS

Other Twitter Chats

#ExpediaChat – Expedia Chat
Large chat hosted by Expedia. There is usually a prize given.
Host: @Expedia

Many of these chats as well as recaps are listed on http://chatcap.in/coming.

Let us know if we missed any travel twitter chats and we will update the post. If you would like to follow us on twitter our handle is @travel_sisters.


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