I considered myself a streamlined traveler. I had a minimalist carry on only approach no matter the trip length. I had no problem with last minute plan changes. Now? Well, that remains to be seen.

My husband and I just happily welcomed a new addition to our family- baby boy “N”. He is our first human child, joining a sweet 10 year old fur baby (yes, our dog is a cherished family member). We are excited to introduce as much of the world as possible to “N”. This will undoubtedly include flights to visit grandparents and aunties as well as trips to far flung destinations.

Baby N

Baby N says no photos please

I know our travels with baby will involve more gear and more planning ahead but I plan to keep us as streamlined as possible and as Zen as possible given our situation. So, there might be a few upcoming posts sharing what worked for us and what went wrong (hopefully nothing).

The Travel Sisters will pretty much stay the same otherwise. We will still take sister trips and solo trips and work trips but there will be a bit of baby+travel in the mix now too.


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