Remember that guy from Toronto offering a free round-the-world ticket to a Canadian with his ex-girlfriend’s name?  Well, he found his lucky Elizabeth Gallagher.

After receiving emails from 18 Elizabeth Gallaghers and hundreds of people willing to legally change their name, Jordan Axani chose a 23 year old student and part-time office administrator.   The chosen Elizabeth Gallagher has a serious boyfriend who is supportive but understandably not thrilled his girlfriend will be traveling with a random guy.

Although hotels were not part of the free travel offer, Marriott has offered to cover all lodging in the form of two separate rooms.  I’m sure the boyfriend appreciates that.

Meanwhile, Jordan Axani has decided to do some good with all this attention.  He founded a charity called A Ticket Forward to help underprivileged and at-risk people travel.    Read more here.


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