Although Antarctica had been on my travel wish list for years, I did not know all the great things that can be done on a trip to Antarctica until I started researching my trip. Only then did I realize that a visit to Antarctica would be even more incredible that I had imagined and that there would be many great things to do. Still not convinced? Below are 7 of the best things to do in Antarctica.

best things to do in antarctica

Best Things to Do in Antarctica

Get Close to Penguins

best things to do in antarctica

Antarctica is teeming with wildlife but the iconic penguins are my favorite. You will see so many penguins on a visit to Antarctica -they are everywhere and they are not afraid to get close to you. Penguins do not have any natural enemies on land (they do by water and air) so they are not afraid of humans.  Although visitors are prohibited from approaching within 5 meters, it is perfectly fine to stand there and let the penguins approach you.

tourist attractions in antarctica

Photograph Icebergs

what to do in antarctica

You will pass many icebergs floating in the middle of the water on your trip to Antarctica and you will want to photograph them all.  Icebergs come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors and each iceberg is different.

top things to do in antarctica

Polar Plunge

How would you like to do a polar plunge in Antarctica? At Deception Island, you will be able to strip down to your bathing suit and run into ice cold water.  Below is a youtube video of a few of our fellow travelers from our boat doing the polar plunge.

Ride Zodiac Boats

best things to do in antarctica

In order to get off your ship and get to land, you will ride Zodiac boats.  You might also just cruise around in the water and just take in the beautiful landscape.

Mail a Postcard

places to visit in antarctica post office

How would you like to mail a postcard to your friends and family from Antarctica? Yes there is a post office in Antarctica.

Whale Watching

things to do in antarctica

Did you know that Antarctica is one of the best places for whale watching? I had no idea until I was on the boat and they made an announcement.

More Wildlife

what do people do in antarctica things to do

The penguins are my favorite but there is so much more wildlife in Antarctica, including seals and seabirds.

Is Antarctica on your travel wish list? What things would you most like to do?

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