A couple weeks ago I received an email inviting me to earn 100 American AAdvantage bonus miles just for signing up to PointsHound.

In addition to the 100 bonus miles for joining, booking a hotel stay by March 31, 2015 earns 2,000 extra bonus AAdvantage miles on top of what you would normally earn.


I signed up to earn the free 100 American AAdvantage miles and figured I would check it out.

PointsHound is a hotel booking website.  When you book a hotel room you can earn miles on certain airlines.  The earnings rate depends on the price of the hotel and your earnings level (you start at Level 1).
Generally, stays booked on PointsHound are not eligible for points and status earning with most major hotel loyalty programs unless marked with a “Double Up” icon (none are currently showing up).

I did a couple of quick hotel searches.  The rates and room types were identical to hotels.com and expedia.

Taking into account the 2,000 bonus, booking through PointsHound will earn a lot more points. For example, an approximately $100 hotel stay could earn 2,300 AAdvantage miles (including the 2,000 bonus). This comes to 23 AAdvantage miles per $1.

pointshound 2000 aadvantage bonus miles

In my opinion, if you have any hotel bookings to make in the near future, it is worth checking PointsHound to see if you can earn the extra 2,000 AAdvantage bonus miles.  Even if you have no plans to book any hotels it is worth joining PointsHound for the 100 free American AAdvantage miles.  Although 100 miles are not a lot, every bit adds up and the bonus can also prevent your AAdvantage miles from expiring. Here is the link to sign up.

If you have no use for American AAdvantage miles you still can sign up to PointsHound and then invite your friends and both earn an additional 1000 points or miles every time one of your referrals makes their first hotel booking.  Here is my referral link for anyone that prefers this option.

For more information on PointsHound here is a link to their FAQ.

I have not made any hotel bookings yet, but I plan to check PointsHound for future bookings.


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