I’ve written about the Plastiq referral program before which can earn you and those you refer no-fee credit card payments. Plastiq just made a change to their referral bonus that affects both those who make referrals and those who sign up with a referral link.

Prior to this change, for every person who signed up to Plastiq using your referral link and made a payment of at least $20, you would earn $400 dollars of fee-free bill payments and that person would $200 dollars of fee-free bill payments.

You’ll now earn 1,000 fee-free dollars for every referral (they’ll earn 500). To qualify for the credit, the person you refer will need to use your referral code & pay $500 worth of bills with Plastiq (doesn’t have to be a one-time payment). It’s not clear if this is a permanent change or a temporary change to the referral bonus but there is no end date specified.

For more information about the Plastiq referral bonus as well as instructions on how to find and share your referral code here is the announcement from plastiq.com.

In my opinion this change is both positive and negative.  On the plus side, if you make a referral you will now earn $1,000 (up from $400) fee free payments and the person you referred will earn $500 (up from $200) free free payments.  The negative is that the person you refer will have to make $500 (up from $20) worth of bill payments before any referral bonus kicks in.

For anyone not familiar with Plastiq, this website allows you to pay your mortgage, rent and other bills online with a credit card or debit card. The fee is usually 2.50% for credit cards.  I’ve been using Plastiq for a while to pay bills and easily meet my minimum spending requirements and have had no issues.

If you have not yet signed up for Plastiq, I would be grateful if you sign up for Plastiq with my Plastiq referral link and you will earn the ability to pay $500 of bills without a fee and I will earn $1,000 fee-free payments. You are also welcome to leave your own Plastiq referral code and links in the comments below.


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