If you have a long layover before your connecting flight, free city tours are a great way to pass the time.  Sure, you wont get an in-depth look at a destination but you will get to leave the airport and explore a few tourist attractions. For free.

Each program has different rules regarding how many hours you need before your next flight, whether you can book in advance or whether you must fly a specific airline. If you are interested in one of these tours, make sure you check specifics beforehand.

Below is a list of airports offering free transit tours with links to the official tour page:

Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Seoul-Incheon International Airport, Seoul

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

Hamad International Airport, Doha

Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Istanbul

Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City

Although there are a number of other cities offering city tours, I only listed the ones that are free.  Please let me know if there are any I missed!
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Long Layover? These Airports Offer FREE City Tours


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