E-Rewards is one of two websites that I regularly use to earn rewards for completing surveys online.  Is e-Rewards a scam? No. Is e-Rewards worth your time? It depends. Read on for my review and thoughts of e-Rewards as well as how to score an invitation to join.

What is e-Rewards?

E-Rewards is an online market research panel. Basically, you earn rewards for taking surveys either on your computer or phone.  In return for their time and opinions, members collect e-Rewards currency for each study they complete, which can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards (such as frequent flyer miles, hotel loyalty points and gift cards).  Here is a link to the FAQ for e-Rewards for more information.

Before telling you how to join e-Rewards (it is by invitation only), I will provide an overview of how e-Rewards works and whether I think it is worth your time.

How e-Rewards Works

Once you are a member of e-Rewards, you will begin receiving emails.  Each email will invite you to take a survey by clicking on the email.  (You do not have to sign in to your account to take the survey.)  The number and type of surveys you receive depends on your demographics. I receive about 3 surveys a week.

Here is a screenshot from my email inbox of the type of surveys I receive:

e rewards opinion panel review - is it worth joining e rewards?

The e-mail will state the topic of the survey, the number of minutes the survey requires, and the amount of rewards you will earn.

erewards review e-rewards reviews is it worth joining e rewards?

You can answer as many surveys as you like.  If after answering a few questions you do not qualify for that survey, you will be credited only a partial amount of rewards. If that particular survey has expired, then you might be directed to another survey.

The number of rewards you earn depends on the time required to take the survey. The amount of time required for each survey varies. It is very common to see surveys with a length of 15-30 minutes but surveys can take as long as 45 minutes or more. There are also quick surveys that only take a few minutes but those expire more quickly and they are less frequent.

You can start redeeming rewards once you reach certain levels (aka dollar amounts).  The lowest level is $10 but there are not a lot of choices at that level.  I usually wait to reach the $25 redemption level which I redeem for 500 miles on one of the partner airlines.

ereward review - is it worth joining e rewards?

Is it Worth Joining e-Rewards?

Whether e-Rewards is worth it depends on how busy you are and how much you value your time.  For someone with about an hour of free time a week, e-Rewards is a good way to earn rewards just by taking online surveys. When I used to answer surveys on a regular basis I probably earned about $25 (or 500 miles) every month.

If you are busy you might want to skip e-Rewards.  Some of the surveys can be daunting because they are so long. And some of them can be tedious and boring.

I used to complete the surveys pretty regularly in the beginning but have been avoiding them lately because they often take long to complete.  When I am busy, I do not want to start on a survey that is going to take more than 20 minutes to complete. Sometimes I click just on the quick surveys or start on a survey I probably won’t qualify for just to earn the partial credit.  (By contrast, I prefer earning miles using e-Miles because each survey is super short. Even though it takes longer to earn miles with e-miles than with e-rewards, I find e-miles more pleasant because each opportunity only requires a 1-2 minutes at a time.)

Joining e-Rewards

Joining e-Rewards is FREE and by invitation only. You cannot join by visiting e-rewards.com.

How can you get invited to e-Rewards? According to e-Rewards, “partners send invitations to their customers inviting them to join the program. If you’ve provided your email address to one of our Partner companies, you could receive an invitation to join e-Rewards.”

There is no need to wait for an invitation as it is easy to find invitation links to join e-Rewards on various partner websites. I am not familiar how all the partners work, but you can easily find general invitation links many airline websites. To find invitation links on airline websites, click on their frequent flyer program page, then click on the earn miles page.  On the earn miles page you can usually find the e-rewards link under other partners and/or specialty.  There may be more airlines offering an erewards invitation link, but here are the relevant pages on Alaska Air, SouthwestAmerican and United. Here is a list of e-Rewards partners – check their websites for links if you would prefer to sign up for e-Rewards with a different partner.

Does it matter what link you use to sign up? Yes. Your e-Rewards account will be different depending where you sign up from in that you might have different rewards redemption choices.  There is also a sign up bonus usually given and it varies.  For example, if you sign up from the link on United.com you will receive 250 bonus award miles when you complete your first survey within three months of enrolling.  Other airlines might offer a different sign up bonus.

how to get an invitation to e-rewards invitation link

Does anyone else use e-Rewards and do you find it worth it?
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