Portland International Airport is causing a bit of a stir by replacing its 25-year-old carpet.  The carpet, an abstract rendering of what air traffic controllers see when looking down, is a sign of home to many Portlanders.  Some are so emotionally attached, they even tattooed the design on their bodies.

Less intense fans just took to social media.  With a dedicated Twitter, Instagram and Facebook following, popular photos include shots of feet with the carpet visible underneath.

Although the new carpet design is not a “radical departure” from the old, it remains to be seen if it will make as much of an impression.  Avid fans of the original can rest assured, however, that their beloved design will live on.  The Port of Portland plans to find ways to repurpose the existing carpet by giving away pieces and recycling as much as they can.  Fans can also find solace by purchasing a range of items, from socks to scarves, depicting the original design.

To read more and view photos click columbian.com.


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