Office Depot/Office Max is giving a discount on the purchase of Visa gift cards this week. Here are the details:

•  $15 off when you buy $300 or more of Visa Gift Cards
•  Valid 11/20/16-11/26/16
•  In store only
•  Visa gift cards are issued by Metabank
•  Discount applied at register
•  Limit one (1) offer per customer

$15 Instant Discount Off $300 Purchase of MasterCard Gift Cards at OfficeMax Office Depot

Unlike Staples gift card deals, there is no mail in rebate and the $15 is automatically deducted from the register.  While these gift cards have a fee, the $15 discount will make the gift card purchase fee free and earn a little bit of extra money. To minimize fees and maximize points it would be best to buy 2 of the $200 denominations.   The fee for the $200 denominations is $6.95 so if you buy 2 of them you will make a profit of $1.10.

How many points you earn depends on the credit card you use. The best cards to use those that earn 5% in office supply stores (such as the Chase Ink cards or the Amex SimplyCash Plus) but you come ahead even if you use another credit card.

There is a limit of 1 offer per household/business per day but if you want to take advantage of this discount multiple times, try going to a different cashier, returning to the store multiple times or a visiting a different store.

This is a great opportunity to purchase Visa gift cards without a fee, earn points and even make a small profit.  If you have easy access to a few stores or can make multiple trips to the same store this week you can take advantage of this promotion multiple times.

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