I had a free United Club pass that was expiring soon and some time to kill so I stopped by the United Club lounge before my United flight out of New York LaGuardia airport.

The United Club lounge at LGA is located landside in Concourse C, outside corridor, right behind the United ticket counter.

united club laguardia airport Concourse C outside corridor

To enter the United Club, ring the bell to be buzzed in. Proceed up the escalator and check in at the counter.

united club LaGuardia 20150803_130458

united club LaGuardia airport

united club LaGuardia airport

As you enter, there is a large main room with great views, plenty of seating and several work desks. The lounge was not very crowded during my visit- always a plus. If anyone needs a quiet space to do some work at LGA, this is a good spot.

a tall building in a city

united club LaGuardia airport

united club lounge LaGuardia airport

united lounge LaGuardia airport

united lounge LaGuardia airport work desks

united lounge LaGuardia airport

united club LaGuardia 20150803_130738

Self serve soft drinks, water, coffee and snacks are located in the main room of the United Club. I did not find the snack selection very appealing. United has begun changing the complimentary food menu in United Club lounges but the new food options have yet to reach the lounge at LaGuardia. For anyone with free access or willing to pay $50 for a visit, the Amex Centurion Lounge at LGA offers much better food.

united club laguardia airport

united club LaGuardia 20150803_131038

united club LaGuardia 20150803_131114

united club LaGuardia 20150803_131125

In addition to the large main room, the United Club lounge opens to another room with a full service bar, TV and more seating.

united club LaGuardia

united airlines club lounge new york laguardia lga airport 20150803_131236

Even though my lounge visit was during lunch, this room was completely empty.

united airlines club lounge LaGuardia airport 20150803_131253

Overall, the United Club at New York LaGuardia airport is a decent lounge. Positives include free wi-fi, ample seating and work desks, good view, and few guests. The main negative for me is the United Club’s location before security and an unappealing snack selection. Although I wouldn’t visit for the food, the United Club is a comfortable place to relax or get some work done at LGA.


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