The first time I checked out the United Club lounge near gate B18 at Chicago O’Hare Airport, I did not stay long.  My flight wasn’t departing anytime soon but after seeing the crowded lounge and “meh” offerings, waiting at the gate seemed more pleasant.  Hopeful that maybe the lounge was having a bad day or maybe I was just having a bad day, I recently popped in again to give the United Club lounge a second chance.

To enter the United Club lounge, proceed down the escalator and check in at the counter.

united club chicago B18

Although the United Club Lounge was fairly busy during this visit, it was not nearly as bad as the first time.  In general, the seating is not very private and something about the lounge reminds me of a school cafeteria.

united club ohare

My favorite seats were actually right before the check-in desk.  Not only were they more comfy but they also had a charging station.

united club ohare

Free wi-fi, magazines and newspapers are available.

united club ohare reviews

As you enter the United Club lounge, a food station is available directly to your left.

united club review chicago ohare airport

Make a right and proceed down the ramp for more seats and another food station.

united club chicago o'hare

This is also where you will find the bar.  Although I don’t typically drink in lounges, I would prefer a self-serve rather than a bar.  Of course, others might prefer the bar.

united club chicago reviews

The food consisted of some fruit and carby snacks (crackers, cookies, snack mix, etc).

Soda, juice and ice water are available.  You serve yourself in a dispenser and plastic cup situation so no luck if you were planning on grabbing something for the flight.

reviews united club chicago o'hare

united club chicago ohare

united club lounge chicago ohare ord

Overall, the United Club Lounge near gate B18 at Chicago O’Hare airport is just an ok lounge.  Nothing special.  To me, the only real positive is the free wi-fi.

The United MileagePlus Explorer card (which I have) offers two free United Club lounge passes upon approval and two free passes each year.  While I love the United MileagePlus Explorer card for the sign up bonus, the United Club passes are not really an incentive for me to apply for or keep the card.

Sure, if I had a United Club pass and a lot of time before my flight I might hang out here, but I would never intentionally arrive to the airport early just to use this lounge.  I have not seen the other United Club lounges at Chicago O’Hare yet so I am curious to see if they differ.

Update: United has started updating the food in United Club lounges starting with O’Hare. Here is a link to more information from United’s website.


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