Air China CA417
Chengdu, China (CTU)-Taipei, Taiwan (TPE)
Aircraft: A-321
Business Class

We booked this flight as a saver award using 20,000 United miles (booked pre devaluation) each plus fees of $14.90 per person.  We considered booking an economy flight but since business wasn’t too many more miles, we went for the splurge.  Currently, you would need 15,000 miles for economy and 22,500 for business if booking with United miles.

Although our carry on luggage was heavier than when we started our trip thanks to goodies given to us at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, we were still able to bring them aboard and avoid checking any bags.  Once again, the flight attendants ran to help us place our luggage in the overhead.

The seat was a standard recliner seat, similar to what you would find in US domestic first class.  As was the case with all Asian airlines we’ve flown, we were given slippers for the flight.

airchina a321 business class reviews

When it was time to order, we were not handed our own menus.  Instead, the flight attendant held the menu in front of us and asked us to order something on the spot.  Not much time to consider our options.  We don’t really remember exactly what we ordered but the only thing we loved was the garlic bread.

airchina a-321 business class reviews

The flight attendant gave each of us our own bottle of water.  We don’t find this common on shorter flights but greatly appreciate it when it happens.

airchina a321 business class reviews

Overall, this was a pleasant business class flight.

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