With so many credit cards giving free Priority Pass membership chances are that many of you have a credit card that gives you free access to Priority Pass lounges. In addition to free entry into airport lounges, Priority Pass has added airport restaurants and bars to its network where you can use your membership to get free food and drinks. Priority Pass does not have a list of just the restaurants/bars it its network so I have put together a current list of all Priority Pass restaurants worldwide.

Priority Pass Restaurants Deduction: How it Works

If you have a Priority Pass membership you can get a deduction off the cost of your bill at these Priority Pass restaurants.  In the US, with a few exceptions, you will receive US$28 off your purchase of any meal and/or drinks. For example, for Corona Beach House in MIA the deduction is $30 and at PGA MSP Lounge you get a $15 credit off food or a golf experience. International restaurants offer different amounts of credits which I have listed below.

Cardholders are limited to only 1 guest per visit to receive the US$28 deduction. When you bring a guest you will receive US$56 off the bill which will be charged as 1 cardholder visit + 1 guest visit.

Keep in mind that if you have Priority Pass membership through an American Express credit card, American Express cards no longer include access at Priority Pass restaurants. Read more about this change on prioritypass.com.

List of All Priority Pass Restaurants

Here is a list of all the restaurants and bars that are part of Priority Pass:

U.S. Priority Pass Restaurants

International Priority Pass Restaurants


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