EVA Airways 56
Boeing 777-300ER
Royal Laurel Class (Business)
Seat 3K
Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

EVA Air Business Class 777 Review

I was excited to fly EVA Airlines Royal Laurel Class because I had heard it offers one of the best business class seats. It was also a Hello Kitty flight – which made it an even better experience!

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class Cabin

eva air royal laurel business class 777 cabin

The EVA Airways 777-300ER business class cabin (which EVA Air calls Royal Laurel Class) features reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. There is no row 4 because the number 4 is considered bad luck in some Asia countries including Taiwan.

Everyone in Royal Laurel Class has direct aisle access. The reverse herringbone seat layout makes the seat feel more private -the solo seats face the window and the middle seats face inward with your head by the aisle.

The solo seats by the window are best when traveling alone. Although the seats are fairly open on the side, the window seats feel private because you are not sitting next to anyone and are facing the window.

Royal Laurel Seats

eva air business class seat review

Overall, I found the seat to be comfortable enough. The seat does not have a lot of storage space but there are 2 small compartments (one at the top and one at the bottom near the footrest) to tuck away belongings like your water bottle, books, magazines etc. There is no storage for your carry on bag so you have to place it in the overhead during takeoff and landing.

eva air business class seat

eva air business class 777 footwell

Seats reclined to a fully lie-flat bed. The footrest/ottoman is a bit narrow towards the window which could be an issue for very tall flyers when in the flat position but I found it acceptable (I’m about 5’7).

EVA Air Business Class 777 Amenities and Service

eva air business class amenities kit, headphones and slippers

Upon boarding, a blanket, pillow (with Hello Kitty cover), noise-canceling headphones, slippers were waiting for me on the seat. The headphones were soft, comfortable and necessary. There was an occasional weird buzzing noise that would start and stop so I had to use them to block out the noise otherwise I would not be able to sleep at all.

There was also a Rimowa amenity kit containing toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, socks, eye shade, earplugs, lens wiping cloth as well as Clarins body lotion, hand and nail treatment cream and lip balm. I think this is one of the most stylish amenity kits I have received with a cool looking design in deep red.

eva air business class 777 Rimowa amenity kit

A power outlet and USB outlet were available for charging portable electronics. The IFE had a decent selection of movies, tv shows and games.

You can purchase wi-fi but since I wanted to sleep I did not use the wi-fi at all and can’t vouch for speed.

Service was good enough – I had no complaints.

EVA Air Business Class 777 Food and Drink

Below are photos of the menu:

EVA Air business class Hello Kitty menu cover page

eva air business class 777 taipei to chicago menu

eva air business class taipei to chicago menu

Also included was the menu for the same flight from Chicago to Taipei with slightly different choices:

eva air business class chicago to taipei menu

eva air business class 777 chicago to taipei menu

eva air business class menu page

eva air business class 777 wine menu

eva air business class champagne

eva air business class red wine choices

eva air business class drinks

eva air business class cocktails

eva air business class 777 beverages

eva air business class coffee and tea menu

I selected the Grilled USDA Prime Beef Fillet with Crystal Pink Salt for my main course and the Royal Laurel Special before landing.

eva air business class appetizer

eva air business class appetizers

eva air business class main course

After dinner the flight attendants passed around a bottle of Fiji water. I pretty much slept the rest of the flight after dinner until it was time for my meal before landing.

eva air business class meal before landing

eva air business class meal before landing

Hello Kitty Flight

EVA Air business class hello kitty details

eva air business class hello kitty coaster

This was a Hello Kitty flight so we flew on a Hello Kitty plane. In addition to the plane, there were Hello Kitty touches like the pillow cover, the napkins, slippers etc. Even the instruction card and disposal bag had a Hello Kitty design. I asked the flight attendant and she gave me a free deck of Hello Kitty cards, pen plus a shopping bag which you would receive if you do in flight shopping.

This was my second Hello Kitty flight, but my first in business class. (Read my Hello Kitty economy class flight review from Singapore to Taipei here.)

Final EVA Air Business Class 777 Review

Overall, I was pleased with my Royal Laurel Class flight. The lie-flat reverse herringbone seat was comfortable and private with a decent amount of room for my feet. Plus I also enjoyed that the flight was a Hello Kitty flight which made it more fun.


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