Marriott Rewards® recently introduced the Plus Points program.  Marriott Rewards® members who register and perform certain actions through their online social profiles until November 8, 2014 are eligible to earn bonus Marriott Rewards points– up to a maximum of 2,000 bonus points per 30 days. If you decide to participate in the Plus Points program, you can potentially earn 2,000 points every 30 days until November 8, 2014, for a total of 12,000 Marriott Rewards points. 

What You Need To Do:

Go to and connect your social profiles to your Marriott Rewards account, starting with your Facebook.

There are various ways to earn Marriott Rewards points, including:
•Using the #MRpoints hashtag with #LoveMarriottRewards, #RenHotels or# AutographHotels in your Twitter and Instagram posts. (25 points)
•Retweeting Marriott Reward posts to your Twitter feed and tagging it with the #MRpoints hashtag then ‘RT’, followed by the twitter account name where the tweet originated (e.g., #MRpoints RT @Marriott ) (25 points)
•Checking into properties on Facebook every day you visit- you do not need a reservation at a property  (25 points)
•Following select brands and properties on Twitter or Instagram (25 points)

The fastest way to earn the most points is by following select Marriott brands and properties on Twitter or Instagram.  You can also just retweet tweets but please make sure to follow the exact requirements they want in a retweet.  There is a limit to 4 actions per 24 hours so you would need to take 4 actions a day for 20 days to earn the maximum 2,000 Marriott Rewards in a 30 day period.


•Must be a Marriott Rewards member.
•Must register at
•You can earn up to a maximum of 2,000 bonus points per 30 days.
•Marriott Rewards members electing to earn miles (rather than points) are not eligible for the Plus Points promotion. If your earning preference is set to miles, you must change your earning preference to points to participate in Plus Points.
•Ritz-Carlton Rewards members are not eligible.
•Not all Marriott brands and properties are eligible for Plus Point. Here is the list of participating brands and properties:
•Facebook requires that Plus Points access your friends/followers list in order to give you points for following participating brands and properties.
•After following a Marriott instagram or twitter account, you will receive an email saying that if you are still following in one week, you’ll receive your points.
•You will receive an email shortly after earning your points. The email will be sent to the email address designated as the primary email on your Facebook account.

How much time does it take to earn 2,000 points a month?

Not very long but you have to take an action almost everyday to earn the maximum number of points.  I think the easiest way to earn the most points is to either follow 4 properties a day on twitter or retweet 4 times a day and you will reach your limit in 20 days.  I would suggest putting a calendar entry in your outlook every weekday for example.

What can you use 12,000 Marriott Rewards points for?

If you already participate in the Marriott Rewards program, this will be a fairly easy 2,000 Marriott Rewards points a month to add to your stash.

Even if you have zero Marriott Rewards points, 12,000 Marriott Rewards points will be enough for 1 award night at one of the lower Marriott category hotels.  Here is a link to the Marriott award chart.

As you can see from the award chart, 12,000 Marriott Rewards points are more than you need for 1 night at either a Category 1 or 2 Marriott hotel.  If redeeming for a PointSavers reward, 12,000 points would be enough for a Category 3 Marriott hotel.

If you are part of a couple and you each participate in this promo you can each earn 1 night for a 2 night stay total.

In fact, you do not have to participate until November to earn a free night.  Category 1 hotels require 7,500 points, so you only need to participate for 4 months.  Category 2 hotels require 10,000 points, so you only need to participate for 5 months.

If would like a room at a higher category others ways to increase your Marriott Rewards balance include:
•Earn miles through various partners.
•Shop through Marriott’s shopping portal.
•Transfer Ultimate Rewards points.  Marriott does not offer the best use of Ultimate Rewards points but you could  transfer a few to top off your account.
•Apply for one of the Marriott credit cards offered by Chase.

Note: This post was revised to reflect changes to the Plus Points program after its start date.  Originally the Plus Points Program offered 250 points just for following a property on Facebook but that is no longer the case.


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