UPDATE: As of June 15, 2019, eMiles has ceased operations.

E-Miles is one of several websites that I use to earn free miles for taking surveys and answering questions online.  I have been using e-Miles regularly for a few years now and I find that it is worth my time. While e-Miles.com does not earn me a large number of miles, it is an easy way to earn some free miles without a lot of time and effort.

What is e-Miles?

e-Miles is a free program that lets you earn frequent flyer miles, hotel points or gift cards, just by reading and reacting to marketing messages that have been preselected to match your interests.

You can earn a big chunk of e-miles for signing up (usually about 250-500) and after that you can earn 5-20 emiles every few days depending how many opportunities are presented to you. Once you reach a certain threshold of e-miles (usually 250 or 500) you can redeem those emiles for frequent flyer miles, hotel program points or gift cards.

The current partners you can transfer e-Miles to include:

  • Miles: American Airlines AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • Points: HHonors, IHG Rewards Club, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards, FuelCircle
  • Gift Cards: Amazon.com Gift Card, SpaWeek.com Gift Code, Restaurant.com Gift Code, Starbucks Card eGift

How E-miles Works

After you sign up for e-miles, you will begin periodically receiving emails about opportunities to earn extra miles.  You can also see the list of opportunities to earn miles by logging into your account.

Here is what I see when I log into my e-miles account:

e-miles.com reviews

After you click on one of the opportunities you will be asked to view an ad or very short video.  After viewing the ad or video, you will be given the chance to earn 5 e-miles just for answering 3 or 4 very short questions:

emiles review

Below is an example of the type of short questions you would answer to earn 5 emiles:

emiles review earn free miles by taking surveys is it worth joining e miles

As you can see the questions are very short meaning it takes less than a minute to earn 5 e-miles. While 5 e-miles is not a lot, you will be frequently be given a few opportunities to earn 5 emiles each time you log in. You can easily earn about 20 miles in less than 5 minutes per week.

Additional miles can be earned for making donations, signing up for emails or making a purchase but you do not need to do this to earn free miles.  Instead you can just answer the 3-4 short questions and earn 5 emiles per opportunity.

Signing Up for e-Miles

There are a few ways to sign up for e-Miles – how you sign up affects the number of miles you earn as a sign up bonus AND redemption opportunities available in your e-Miles account.

Your e-Miles account will be different depending where you sign up from. If you sign up from e-miles.com, your account will let you redeem e-miles on one of your choice from any of the airlines/hotels listed above. If you sign up to e-miles from an airline page, you will only be able to redeem e-miles for miles from that airline.  For example, if you sign up off the link at united.com, you can only transfer e-Miles to United.  (I did not realize this when I signed up for e-Miles so I can only transfer my emiles to United.  However one positive is that I can redeem e-miles once I reach 250 e-miles whereas if you sign up at e-miles.com the minimum redemption is 500 miles.)

The sign up bonus for emiles usually ranges from 250 miles to 500 miles but that varies depending on the link you use to sign up. (For example, if you sign up from United.com you can earn 100 e-Miles for completing the enrollment form and confirming your email address and 400 MileagePlus award miles for completing 5 or more offers. If you sign up from e-miles, you earn 50 e-Miles miles for completing the form and confirming your email address and 200 e-Miles miles for completing 5 or more offers.)

According the the rules, the e-Miles service is limited to one account per individual, even if an individual has multiple e-mail addresses.  However, in practice it is easy to get away with opening more than one account using different email accounts.

After signing up for e-Miles you are given the opportunity to earn miles by verifying your email address and certain other reasons. Here is a screenshot of the mileage opportunities given to me after registering a new account.

emiles signup is it worth joining e miles?

Is e-Miles Worth It?

Yes I find e-Miles to be worth my time in order to earn a small number of easy free miles. Over time, earning 5 e-miles little by little adds up.  I would estimate that it takes me about 3 months to earn 250 miles just by answering a few short questions. While not a lot, earning those miles is very quick and painless and does not take a lot of time. Using e-miles is also a good way to keep your miles from expiring since a lot of airline programs require activity every 18 months or your miles expire.

What I like about e-miles is that I can earn 5 miles in less than a minute so I am able to log into my account even when I am very busy.  By contrast, other sites that give miles for surveys have very long surveys.  For example, I also use e-Rewards, but when I am busy I will skip e-rewards surveys since an individual e-rewards survey might require 20-45 minutes to complete.

Does anyone else use e-Miles and do you find it worth it?


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