One of the things I do before I travel internationally, is to let my banks that issued my credit or ATM cards know that I will be traveling abroad.  While you can call your bank, some banks make it easy to quickly notify them of your travel plans online. Fortunately, Citi has an online travel notification form which makes it really easy to let them know of your plans.

How to Complete a Citibank Online Travel Notification Form 

Log into your account and click on the “Services” on the top. Click on “Travel Services” and then “Manage Travel Notices.”

citibank online travel notification form

Choose a card from the dropdown menu, click on “Add a Travel Notice” button and you will be taken to the Travel Notification form.

citi online travel notification form

You will see a list of the authorized card users for that card. Select any or all of the authorized users associated with the account for this Travel Notice.

Fill out the date of departure, date of return and travel destination.

citibank travel notice

Select Domestic or International for Travel Destination from the dropdown menu. If you choose domestic you will see a list of states on another dropdown menu. If you choose International you will see a list of countries on another dropdown menu.

citi travel notice

Once you add a destination, it will give you the option to “Add Another Destination”. You can choose up to 5 destinations for each Travel Notice.

While some people don’t notify their banks before they travel internationally and they don’t have any issues, I always make sure to complete an online travel notification form online.  It only takes a minute and it is worth it to avoid getting your card declined in a foreign country.

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