If you recently applied for an American Express credit or charge card and received a message that your application is pending review, here is how to check your Amex card application status:

How to Check American Express Card Application Status Online:

The easiest and fastest way to check your Amex application status is online.  American Express has an online form to check the status of your card applications.  Visit the American Express Application Status page to look up the status of your recent Amex card applications.

To check your status just enter your social security number and home zip code:

https://www.americanexpress.com/myappstatus how to check amex app status and reconsideration line phone number

And I was approved for my two recent Amex credit card applications:

how to check American Express credit card Application Status and reconsideration line

Amex updates the page every 24 hours so keep checking if not approved yet.  It looks like Amex shows your status in the last year so this is also a good way to check what Amex credit cards you have applied for in the last year.

Check American Express Card Application Status by Telephone:

You can also check your American Express application status by telephone:

Call 1-866-314-0237 or 800-567-1083 and enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and zip code. 

Denied or Decision Still Pending? Call the American Express Reconsideration Line

If your application was denied, you can call the American Express reconsideration line and ask them to reconsider. (Even if your application is still pending, you can call the reconsideration line for an immediate decision.)

The phone number for the Amex reconsideration line is 1-866-314-0237 or 877-399-3083 (Monday-Friday 6am to 10pm and Saturday 8am-4pm MST)

If Amex is unwilling to extend you more credit and you already have other American Express cards, you might be approved if you ask the representative to move some of your credit from one of your other credit cards or ask them to close one of your other card accounts.


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