Earlier this month, Bank of America increased the sign up bonus for the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card from 25,000 miles to 30,000 miles. [OFFER EXPIRED] If you are thinking of applying for the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card, here is how to find an application link that also includes $100 statement credit.  (The annual fee for this card is $75 but with the $100 statement credit you will be earning $25 the first year.)

There are a couple of ways to find application links for the Alaska Airlines credit card offering a sign up bonus of 30K miles PLUS $100 statement credit: [OFFER EXPIRED but it may be worth trying to make a dummy booking to see if there is a better offer than the public offer]

1) Dummy Booking 

One consistent way I have been able to find links to the Alaska Airlines credit card application with the $100 statement credit is to make a dummy booking (basically pretend I am going to purchase a ticket) on alaskaair.com.

In order to do this, visit alaskaair.com and sign in to your mileage account.  Then do a search for a ticket and keep proceeding as if you will purchase the ticket. When you reach the Payment page, you will see a banner for the card which includes the $100 statement credit.

bank of america alaska airlines credit card 31K 30000 miles 100 statement credit

This ad will appear when you get to the Payment page so you do not have to actually purchase a ticket or enter your credit card information on that page.

2) Unofficial Links

There are sometimes (but not always) direct links available on the internet that include the $100 statement credit.  This saves the time having to sign into your Alaska Airlines mileage account and make a dummy booking. Here is a link with the $100 statement credit that is currently working.

If you are planning to apply for an Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card, make sure the application page mentions the $100 statement credit. I always take a screenshot of the application page showing a higher bonus than what is officially offered just in case there is an issue.


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