Like many people I have been obsessed with Wordle in the last few weeks.  In addition to my daily wordle, I spent hours doing all the wordles I missed when I found a website that archives past wordles.  A bunch of similar games have been developed like Wordle 2 (with 6 letter words) as well as Wordle Unlimited which lets you pick between 4 to 11 letter words.

Now there are travel games inspired by Wordle perfect for frequent travelers. Airportle is similar to Wordle but instead of having to figure out a word you need to figure out an airport code.

There are actually two versions of this game that were developed this week by different people.

The first version of airportle was developed by @AviBagla.

This version of airportle is a bit different than the original wordle. The biggest difference is that the winning airport code is not the same for everyone. You get a random airport code each time you play the game. Also, there is no sharing option like wordle so you have to screenshot your results if you want to share with your friends. However, since there is not one answer each day, you can keep playing many times in one day.

Another version of Airportle was developed Scott’s Cheap Flights and is more similar to the original wordle game.

Like Wordle, you can only play Airportle only once per day, everyone has the same airport code and you can share your results.

Do you love Wordle? What is your favorite version?


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