I recently learned of a new way to check your Uber rating so I checked my passenger rating for the first time. Previously, you could only find your Uber rating by emailing Uber, but now there is a quick and easy way to check your Uber rating from the app.

Uber passenger ratings range from 1.0 to 5.0.   After each trip, riders and drivers are given the opportunity to rate one another. You will not see the rating given to you by each individual driver.  The passenger rating you see is the average rating from all rides but if you check your rating before an after a ride you can figure out the rating the last driver gave you.

Uber passenger ratings are not as important as driver ratings but if your passenger rating is very bad Uber could ban you. Uber does not specify a rating that will get you banned but they do have a code of conduct on their website.

How to check your Uber rating:

It is very easy to to find your Uber rating on the app.  All you need to do is:

  1. Go to Help
  2. Click on Account
  3. Click on I’d like to know my rating
  4. Click on Submit
  5. You will then see your average passenger rating.

Following are the step by step screenshots on how to find your Uber rating on the app:

Click on the Help icon on the left side:

How to Check Your Uber Rating

Click on Account:

What Is My Uber Passenger Rating

Click on “I’d like to know my rating”:

How to Find Your Uber Rating

Click on Submit:

What is my Uber rating

You will then see your Uber passenger rating which is your average rating based on all your rides:

How to See Your Uber Rating

I was pleasantly surprised that I had a 5.0 Uber passenger rating-a perfect score! Granted I only use Uber about once a month.

For anyone that has not yet used Uber, if you use my sign up link to sign up you will receive a free ride worth up to $15.  I also have a signup link for Lyft for a free ride up to $50. Lyft is another ride sharing app similar to Uber – I use both interchangeably depending on ride availability and don’t really prefer one versus the other.

Does anyone else check your Uber rating? Is it what you expected?


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