A family member received an unexpected deposit in his American AAdvantage frequent flyer account this week.  After Patti and I reported a painless visit to a Cadillac dealership in order to earn miles for a test drive, my husband registered via chat on 10/19 for the promotion and was told to schedule an appointment directly with the dealership.  Well, work got in the way and he never got around to scheduling that appointment before the promotion ended.

Fast forward a week later: Patti and I received a confirmation email that 7,500 AA miles were credited to our account.  My husband received the same email.  After checking our accounts, indeed all three of us had received 7500 AA miles from the Cadillac promotion.

I am not certain if it is at the discretion of a specific dealership or a general courtesy but if you too were in limbo when the promo ended (registered but did not actually take or even schedule the drive) it is likely you may still be eligible for a credit.

Either way in the future I would encourage anyone to register for any similar promotions regardless if they will go ahead and schedule a test drive.

Has anyone else received the 7500 miles but did not actually go to the Cadillac dealership?


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