Dressing for a long flight can be tricky.  On the one hand you want to be comfortable but you don’t want to look like a total slob.  I have a long flight uniform- I have finally figured out what works well for me on a long flight so I wear it pretty much on every flight.

After many years of flying here are my tips on what to wear on a long flight while being comfortable and still look good:

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Wear layers

It is hard to predict the temperature of an airplane cabin.  Most of the time I am freezing on a plane so I always recommend bringing a cardigan, zip up hoodie or fleece even in the summer and wearing it over a tank or a tee.  That way you can take your cardigan or hoodie off when you arrive at your destination or when the airplane cabin is warm.

Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes

You won’t be able to sleep or get comfortable if your clothes are too tight.  Don’t wear tight pants or skirts.

I find the best thing to wear is a pair of pants that is either loose or stretchy with a thick or elastic waistband.  I like to wear thick jeggings that look like jeans but other good options are linen pants.

Yoga pants are more controversial as a lot of people find them to be too casual.  I recommend that if you do wear yoga pants pair it with a longer cardigan so it is less obvious.

A long loose maxi dress could also be a good option for traveling in the summer.

Bring a scarf

I always bring a scarf with me on a plane.  Not only does a scarf keep me warm but I can also use it as a blanket or to cover my face if the cabin is bright and I do not have an eye mask.

Wear flat slip on shoes without laces

I like wearing slip on shoes on flight so that you I can take them off easily and put them back on when going to the bathroom or going through security.

I don’t recommend wearing heels as you will have to walk around in the airport. Besides there are so many cute flats available. My favorite shoe to wear on a flight are my Patagonia Maha Breathe flats.  I like that they can be worn with both pants or skirts and dresses and they can be dressed up or down.

Wear or bring socks

I always wear socks when flying.  Even if I wear shoes without socks I still always bring a pair of socks on my flight.  They keep my feet warm and clean when taking off my shoes on a long overnight flight.

If your flight is really long, it is a good idea to wear compression socks on the plane to prevent DVT. This pair is a cute option for those that still want to look stylish.


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