We take every easy opportunity to earn free points and miles as even small amounts add up.  Marriott Rewards recently introduced #RewardsPoints which allows members to earn up to 45,000 points a year just by taking certain social media actions.  If you have a facebook, twitter or instagram account, you can earn some easy Marriott points with #RewardsPoints. #RewardsPoints is actually a change to its #MRPoints program (for the better).

Here is how #RewardsPoints works:

The first 1,000 Marriott Rewards points are pretty easy to earn – you just need to connect your social media accounts to your Marriott Rewards account and follow them on social media.

•   750 Rewards points by connecting Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to your Marriott Rewards account (250 Points for connecting Twitter, 250 Points for connecting Instagram and 250 Points for connecting Facebook).
•   250 Rewards points by following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram (125 for following on twitter and 125 for following on instagram).

The remaining 44,000 points will be earned throughout the year – Marriott Rewards plans to launch 3-4 new campaigns each month.  The first campaign is the opportunity to earn 50 points just by responding to this tweet and using the hashtags #RewardsPoints and #MembersGetIt.  You can’t sign up for notifications when a new campaign launches but we will sharing new campaigns on twitter and facebook so be sure to follow us.

If you have a facebook, twitter or instagram account, this is an easy way to earn some extra Marriott points. Even if you don’t have all 3 types of social media accounts, you can still earn some of the 45,000 Marriott points.  Unfortunately, these points do not extend the expiration date of your Marriott Rewards points.

To get started, visit http://www.mr-points.com and connect your social profiles to your Marriott Rewards account. Also make sure to respond to this tweet  for 50 points.

45000 free Marriott Rewards points #RewardsPoints social media promotion

•Must be a Marriott Rewards member.
•Must register at http://www.mr-points.com/.
•A maximum of 45,000 points per Marriott Rewards account can be earned each calendar year through #RewardsPoints.
•Points will be awarded to the member’s account in near real-time after performing a qualifying social action.
•Marriott Rewards members electing to earn miles are not eligible for the #RewardsPoints promotion.
•Ritz-Carlton Rewards members are not eligible for the #RewardsPoints promotion.
For more information here is a link to the full terms & conditions and here is a link to the FAQ.



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