I recently applied for some credit cards and wanted to share my results.  I began sharing credit card application results last year and will continue to do so each round.

Following are the cards I applied for and my results.

1) Alaska Airlines Visa Signature 

Sign Up Bonus:  25,000 miles at sign up. $75 annual fee but $100 statement credit after spending $1000 in first three months.

Results:  Approved. (Decision was initially pending but approved 5 days later after Bank of America automatically moved over some credit from one of my other accounts.)

Strategy:  I applied for this card about a month before the bonus went up to 30.000 miles. Although I read that the sign up bonus would be increased to 30,000 miles in June, I decided not to wait because I was not sure if there would be links to a 30,000 bonus which would include the $100 statement credit (which there are).  This is the fourth personal Alaska card I have applied and been approved for.  (I cancelled the first one before the second year annual fee came due and now have three personal Alaska cards).  I have been applying for a new personal Alaska card every 3-4 months since last spring. The great thing about this card is that I will earn a $25 dollar profit and the amount of spending required for the statement credit ($1,000) is relatively low. Since this card is churnable, I plan to keep applying for one at a time in future application rounds.

2)  Citi ThankYou Preferred

Sign Up Bonus: 20,000 Thank You points after spending $1500 in 3 months.  No annual fee.

Results:  Received message to call in for more information.  I called in and was approved with no questions.  Citi initially gave me only a $2,000 credit limit but the representative asked if I wanted to move some credit from one of my other accounts, which I did. I am at the max total credit Citi will give me so I anticipate having to call Citi for any future credit card applications but they seem very happy to move credit from another account.  This card brings me to a total of 6 personal Citi cards.

Strategy: Citi was not officially offering a sign up bonus on this card when I applied, but I applied using a working link I found online.  I have never had this card before and only have one other card that offers Thank You points (Citi Thank You Premier) so I thought this was a easy way to get some more Thank You points.

3) Hilton HHonors™ Card from American Express (I would be grateful for anyone that applies using my referral link)

Sign Up Bonus: 75,000 Hilton HHonors points after spending $1,000 in 3 months.  No annual fee.

Results:  Approved immediately.

Strategy:  There was not a lot of strategy behind this application other than this card was offering a record high sign up bonus and there were no other Amex cards I wanted to apply for on that day. I had just canceled my Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card and was planning to cancel my Ameriprise Platinum Card right after being approved so I figured I would pick up another Amex card.  A few days after applying for this card the Amex Platinum 100K bonus appeared and was really tempting but I decided to wait.

4) Bank of America Cash Rewards

Sign Up Bonus:  $200 when you spend at least $500 in first 90 days. Extra 10% bonus when you redeem into a Bank of America checking account. No annual fee.

Results:  Approved automatically.

Strategy:  I applied for this card using a link offering a higher than normal sign up bonus. This application was unplanned but I applied for this card a couple of weeks ago because I thought it was an easy way to earn $220.  This is the first credit card that does not earn miles and points that I have applied for since I discovered miles/points 4 years ago.  I have been ignoring cash back cards but will start adding them to the mix if they offer a higher than usual sign up bonus.

Final Tally

All in all, this was a successful application round for me.  I will earn 120,000 miles/points, $220 cash and a $25 statement credit (after subtracting the annual fee for the Alaska card).  My minimum spending requirements are small so I won’t need to do too much manufactured spending (mostly Plastiq).

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