There are at least six Chase credit cards currently offering a referral bonus for referring those credit cards to family or friends (if they apply and are approved using your referral link). (Update: Click here for an updated list of Chase cards offering a referral bonus.)

I’ve written before about Chase’s refer-a-friend program which I use to earn extra points when a close family member applies for a card.  For anyone not familiar, Chase periodically offers the opportunity to earn points for referring its credit cards through

The way Chase refer-a-friend works is that you receive 5,000 bonus points (10,000 for the Marriott and Ink Plus cards) for each person who applies and is approved for a credit card using your referral link. You can invite as many people as you want but there is a maximum cap of 50,000 bonus points per calendar year. You can invite specific people by having an email sent to them or post a general invitation link on Facebook and Twitter. The email takes a few days to arrive but Facebook and Twitter generate the link instantly.

The referral bonus is offered for different Chase credit cards at different times so not all Chase credit cards can be referred at this time. Chase does not provide a list of cards that are currently offering referrals so if you want to make a referral you would have to enter your information on to see if you are eligible.

Warning: Many of you reading might be familiar with Chase’s new rules for credit card approvals which started in late May/early June.  For those that are not, basically, Chase has a new rule of not approving Chase credit card applications for people that have signed up for 5 new credit cards (might count cards someone is an authorized user on) in the past 2 years.   This rule seems to apply only when applying for cards that earn Ultimate Rewards like the Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred and not the co-branded cards.   If you or someone you are referring a card to exceed that limit, I would not apply at this time.  See this post for more information.

Here is a list of the Chase credit cards I found that are currently offering a referral bonus (listed in order of expiration):

Chase Sapphire Preferred

You must refer your friends by 11/1/2015. Your friends will have until 11/11/2015 to apply, and must be approved and use the card by 2/9/2016.

Chase Freedom

You must send the invite by 11/1/2015. Your friends will have until 11/16/2015 to apply, be approved and use the Chase Freedom card by 2/14/2016.

United MileagePlus Explorer

You must refer your friends by 11/16/2015. They must apply by 12/16/2015 and use card by 3/15/2016.

Unless someone is desperate for United miles I would not use this referral link as it only offers a sign up bonus of 30,000 miles.  United periodically officially offers a 50,000 sign up bonus and can frequently find a link to the 50,000 sign up bonus if you click on the banner from your United account.

Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card 

You must refer your friends by 12/9/2015. Your friends will have until 1/15/2016 to apply, and until 4/13/2016 to use the card.

I don’t have the Marriott Rewards card so I can’t see if the referral link would offer the highest sign up bonus available.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier

You must refer your friends by 12/15/2015. Your friends will have until 1/15/2016 to apply and until 4/14/2016 to use the card.

Chase Ink Plus

You must invite other business owners by 1/15/2016. They will have until 2/14/2016 to apply, and until 5/14/2016 to use the card.


If you have one of these Chase credit cards and you know a friend or family member that would be interested in applying as well, you can send them a referral through to earn 5,000 or 10,000 points for yourself.

If you are interested in applying for these cards and do not know anyone to send you a referral, we would be grateful if you use our referral links (Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Southwest). Once you have these cards, you can then generate your own referral bonus in the future.  You are also welcome to leave your referral link in the comments below.

Am I missing any other Chase cards that are eligible for referral right now?

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