Every December and January, I love reading the annual travel lists compiled by various travel websites and newspapers on top travel destinations for the next year.  While I don’t particularly care if a destination I travel to is considered a must see, I love reading these lists for inspiration on where to travel to and discovering places I might not have heard of.  Last year one of the lists led us to discover and visit Chengdu, China where we were able to hold and hug a young giant panda.

Here is a rundown of some of the lists I enjoyed this year.   If you have some free time, these lists make for some enjoyable reading.

10 top destinations to visit in 2015 – cnn.com
23 Places You Should Visit In 2015 – Business Insider
The 10 Coolest Places To Visit In 2015 – Forbes
Top 15 Places to Go in 2015 – Conde Nast Traveler
Best Places to Travel in 2015 – Travel + Leisure
Top Ten Countries – Lonely Planet 

Some countries that were mentioned in more than one list include:

  • Cuba
  • Nicaragua
  • Iran
  • Colombia (Cartagena)
  • Singapore
  • Myanmar
  • Namibia

Colombia and Myanmar are two countries I have been eyeing lately that I can see visiting in the next couple of years.

I have visited Cuba, Nicaragua and Namibia in the past and agree that they are places worth traveling to.

I have yet to visit Singapore but have plans to visit next month.

Any thoughts on these lists of places to travel to? Do you enjoy reading these lists?


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