I recently booked a one way Singapore to Shanghai flight using Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles (all transferred from Ultimate Rewards points).  Based on my experience, here is an easy guide to booking award tickets in Singapore Airlines Suites, including how to earn Singapore KrisFlyer miles and an overview of the KrisFlyer mileage program.

Although flying Singapore Airlines Suites is considered one of the most aspirational experiences, it is actually attainable to anyone collecting points through credit cards.

What Are Singapore Airlines Suites?

singapore airlines suites bed book with miles

Singapore Airlines Suites are enclosed first class suites on Singapore Airlines. The suites are more private than typical first class seats as they have doors and blinds. For two people traveling together, the middle two suites can be combined into one larger suite and beds can be combined to form a double bed.

singapore suites book with miles

Singapore Airlines Suites are exclusively found on Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft. Singapore Airlines flights on other aircraft may have a first class section but they are not Singapore Airlines Suites – just “regular” first class.

Singapore Airlines Suites Routes

Suites class is offered only on some Singapore Airlines routes. Most routes that have Singapore Airlines Suites are to and from Singapore. There is only one exception:  New York (JFK) – Frankfurt (although the flight does continue on to Singapore).

From Singapore, Singapore Suites can be found on flights to the following cities: Auckland, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Delhi, New York City, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney and Zurich.

Not every flight on these routes has Suites class.  Some routes have more than one flight a day but only one of them is an A380.

Although Singapore Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, Singapore Airlines Suites are solely bookable using Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles.

The table below shows the number of Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles required for a one way flight on each route:

Singapore Suites Routes

RouteMiles (Before 15% Discount)Miles (After 15% Discount)
Singapore-Hong Kong37,50031,875
New York(JFK)-Frankfurt67,50057,375
Singapore-Frankfurt-New York (JFK)110,00093,500

Award availability depends on the route.  I was searching for flights a few weeks in advance and found great availability for two people between Singapore-Shanghai and Singapore-Beijing.

How to Earn KrisFlyer Miles for Singapore Airlines Suites

Unless you fly frequently on partner airlines and can credit your miles to Singapore Airlines, the easiest way to earn KrisFlyer miles is through credit cards. Chase Ultimate RewardsCiti ThankYou Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards, and SPG Starpoints all transfer to Singapore Airlines.  Therefore, there are many credit cards that that earn points which can be transferred to Singapore KrisFlyer miles and chances are good that you have one or more of these cards.

If you really want to experience Singapore Suites, some of the shorter routes can be booked with points from just one credit card sign up bonus. For example, if you meet the minimum spending requirement for the sign up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card (my referral link) you would earn enough points to book a one way award on one of the shorter five routes.

Before you start transferring your points, transfers are not instantaneous so there is a risk the award you would like to book will be gone by the time the transfer goes through.  For example, Ultimate Rewards will transfer between 24-48 hours.  Due to the delay there is a real risk that an available flight will disappear by the time miles transfer to your Krisflyer mileage account.  Personally, I would not transfer the points unless I had other flights in mind I could book with KrisFlyer miles in the next three years.  You could always book a flight in North America on United.

Summary of Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Program

Following are a few items about the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer mileage program to keep in mind before trying to book these flights:

  • There is a 15% online booking discount for flights on Singapore Airlines. The 15% discount is not reflected on the published award chart. When searching for flights on Singapore Airlines you won’t initially see the 15% discount but it will  be reflected later in the booking process.
  • Singapore Airlines imposes fuel surcharges so the flight will not be “free”.  You might have to pay fees of a few hundred depending on the route.  Fees range from approximately $45 on the SIN-HKG route to $370 on the JFK-SIN route.
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles expire after three years.  Miles CANNOT be extended indefinitely by having some activity (as is the case for United and American etc.).
  • Singapore KrisFlyer miles can be used to book awards on its partners. Flights on partners cannot be booked online so they do not qualify for the 15% online booking discount. There is a different award chart on partner airlines.
  • Fees for making changes to award tickets or redepositing miles are low compared to other airlines.  For example, the fee to cancel the award and redeposit the miles is only $30. Even if you think your plans might change you can book an award and make changes for a low fee.

Searching Award Availability and Booking Singapore Airlines Suites

In order to start searching for awards using miles you will need to log into your Singapore KrisFlyer account.  If you do not have a KrisFlyer account yet, you can quickly sign up for one.  You do not need any miles in the account to perform searches and view how many miles you would need.

After logging in, search for flights by checking the “First/Suites as the cabin class.

singapore airlines suites book with krisflyer miles

Make sure the aircraft listed is an A380.  For example, this route offers two flights a day but one is on an A380 (has Suites) and one is on a 777 (has regular first class).

singapore first suites routes

Search for Saver awards availability (first column).  Standard awards require about double the miles than a Saver award.

You can easily check other dates by clicking on “previous day” and “next day.” If a flight is not available, you may see a Waitlist option. If you choose the waitlist option you may also choose a second option (must not be a waitlisted flight).

how to book singapore airlines suites with krisflyer miles

The initial search screen lists how many miles are required but does not reflect the 15% online booking discount – the discount will be shown after clicking the “Display total cost” button.

singapore airlnes first class suites class book krisflyer miles

Surcharges and fees will be shown after clicking “Continue.”

how to book singapore airline suites with krisflyer miles

If you do not have enough miles in your Krisflyer account, you will need to initiate a transfer from your Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards or SPG Starpoints.  Remember to transfer the miles needed after the 15% online booking discount.

Once your points reach your Krisflyer mileage account search again and hopefully your chosen flight will still be available.  If it is, you can book an award for yourself and up to five other people.

After booking your award, you may select a seat.  If you are traveling with someone else and want to combine suites, choose the middle two suites.


There is an option to pre-order your main course, including the book the cook option, before your flight.
singapore airlines suites book the cook

Hopefully this guide to booking Singapore Airlines Suites with miles will help you book a flight in one of the most luxurious cabins.  My flight is next month and I’m looking forward to the experience!
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The complete guide to booking award tickets in Singapore Airlines Suites, including list of all Singapore Suites routes, overview of Singapore KrisFlyer mileage program and how to earn Singapore KrisFlyer miles.

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